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This stuff is absolutely amazing. It's like heaven in a bowl. I'm already a big fan of makgeoli (막걸리) but this stuff just takes it to the next level and the sweetness of the honey really complements the flavour. It was pouring with rain outside and in Korea, it's traditional to go and eat pajeon and drink makgeoli on rainy days so that's exactly what my friend and I decided to do!
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:O I need to try this!!
3 years ago·Reply
It's been made another fruit!! For example strawberry or banana
3 years ago·Reply
omg this looks great! anyone wants to join me?
3 years ago·Reply
I haven't tried magkeoli and honey yet. I always drink it straight. It would surely a loss not to try it! Thanks for the idea.
3 years ago·Reply
@funkystar I agree with you 100%! Whatever you are having, it's the company that makes the occasion enjoyable, the drinks only perks up the moment. Cheers!
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