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As someone who flies frequently, I found this video pretty entertaining. I definitely agree with the "headphones + book = no talking" rule. If I've been up since some ridiculous hour of the morning, I probably want to sleep. Me putting headphones in my ears is to try and help me sleep in an environment which is very anti-sleeping. You continually tapping me on the shoulder asking me "Where I learnt to speak Korean/Chinese/Japanese etc etc" is not helping...!!! If you're genuinely interested, please at least allow me an hour or two of sleep first!
I like the bit about staying in your section...I always end up sat next to the guy who hogs the armrest..
I've never been on an international flight but I can see myself definitely revisiting this video when it happens.
Thankfully, I don't fly enough to notice these things!
Thankfully I've never had problems with this on international flights (the flyers tend to be more experienced?) but on shorter flights, it's always an issue!