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Our first morning in London, on our first family trip, we woke up very early. We left our hotel to find breakfast, and wandered over the Lambeth Bridge and through the gardens around the Lambeth Palace until we came to Westminster Bridge. I freely admit to getting breakfast at the McDonalds inside the County Hall Building, because by that time we were starving and anything would have tasted good. We walked up to the London Eye, then turned and came back over the Westminster Bridge, where I took this photo. We finished our walk by heading around Westminster Abbey and back to Buckingham Palace Road. I'm still amazed that all these sites were just a stroll away from our hotel. This is the trip that truly gave my daughter the travel bug. The photo is from spring 2001.
I've only been to London once but I'll never forget walking around the Thames right here. Great shot!
@caricakes, a lucky shot. I'm going to try and replicate in on my trip in November!
Great shot! I love how much you got into one frame - big ban, westminster abbey, AND the Thames!
thanks, @pipeline!