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Our 10 days in Normandy were mainly to visit World War II and D-Day sites. We'd managed to visit a lot in a short amount of time, because we were there in early spring and the roads were both well marked and uncrowded. So on one gorgeous day, we decided to take our Michelin Guide and follow the Route du Cidre around Normandy. We drove through countless small villages full of half-timbered buildings. We had a forced lunch stop in Cambremer, where a bicycle race was taking place on the main road. We went into a small bar and ordered sandwiches from the owner, who spoke no English. When I asked for a glass of red wine, he walked over to the other occupied table, took their bottle, and poured me a small carafe. That simple meal is one of my favorite memories of the trip. When we passed this farm with this magnificent Percheron, I had to take his photo. I loved how he posed, as if resigned to doing this for tourists for several years.
I love the memory of the glass of wine!
@kristenadams, well, I can only attest to France being easy. It seemed like every intersection was a rotary, so you could just drive around it a few times if you missed your exit:)
I really need to start exploring countrysides instead of just cities. Your stories are inspiring :)