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Galaxy Note 4 is here, so is the Galaxy Edge. No release date or price. Makes you wonder if it will be priced lower than the iPhone 6
@pixeldust It really gets more advanced but ultimately, it is how much you are willing to pay for such a device that matters. I'm pretty happy with my Note 2 and iPod Touch. So if I am going to get some new gadgets, the technology has to matter to me. Let's wait for the price announcement and find out.
I honestly don't care if it's more or less expensive than the iPhone. I'm getting the note 4 either way. If it's less expensive then why would you pay more for the iPhone with a slower processor, lower resolution screen lower power battery and a terrible operating system. If the note 4 does turn out to be more expensive, then you pay more for a better phone. It seems to make sense.
Really interesting read, it's hard for me to take any sides between Android or Apple since I'm so bad with technology, but watching how advanced things get is certainly interesting.
this is so cool, I just saw an article about this on engadget!