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Pro Cyclists Execute Textbook Paceline
Kelly Benefit Strategies-OptumHealth Pro Cycling filmed riders Jesse Anthony, Julian Kyer, Mike Friedman, Mike Creed, Jason Donald, and U.S. Criterium Champion Dan Holloway executing a picture perfect paceline on Southern California's beautiful Pacific Coast Highway. Make sure you check out ~1:50 when they blow by the guy on tri bars. XD
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Um, the guy on the aerobars... well let's just say his aerobars weren't his only issue. As a member of the F.O.G. Club I fully understand that once the waistline gets above 33 and the age gets above 40 you really shouldn't be riding with bars.
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Tell that to Jon Adamson, :)
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A pro paceline passing a random guy in aerobars is a non event. For all we know the guy was practicing his ironman pacing.
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used to scoff at the weight challenged joggers as we rode past them. then realized they're trying. maybe the aerobar guy is try to do something about his 33"+ waistline.
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