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CFCCARBON CO., LTD is a carbon group company which is the worldwide leading manufacturer of graphite, graphite felt, carbon carbon composite and pyrolytic graphite.
CFC CARBON CO., LTD belongs to the graphite company of HTMA GROUP. The company is mainly engaged in developing international market of graphite, graphite felt and carbon-carbon composite. Currently, we have developed a production structure of graphite material, graphite felt and carbon composite.
We have Chinese graphite materials, and overseas graphite materials from Japan, France, and USA. We specialize in precise graphite machining. We are capable of machining different types of graphite, such as graphite rods, graphite blocks, graphite boats, graphite pipes, bipolar graphite plates, graphite bearing, and graphite heating elements, Vacuum heating furnace, Silicon thermal field, graphite crucibles and other parts from a wide range of applications.
Head office and machining centre is in Beijing, China.
Our factory of carbon composite is government owned. We have set up a research and development team, some of which has more than 45 years of research experience in research institute of China in the carbon composite material field, vigorously carried out application research and secondary development of special military technologies and focused on solving low-cost preparation and batch production problems of products. We have the leading advantages of the strongest domestic technical strength, the best employees, the largest equipment number, the strongest productivity, and the most complete detection facilities.
We manufacture a wide range of carbon composite |CC composite products, from material (2D carbon composite, 2.5D carbon composite, 3D carbon composite, 4D carbon composite) to products, like carbon composite heater, carbon composite mould, carbon composite insulation barrel, carbon composite bolts nuts, carbon composite screws studs, carbon composite crucible, carbon composite plates, carbon composite rods, Airplane brakes; Aircraft brake disc;… We produce Pan Graphite felt, Rayon graphite felt; rigid graphite felt, pyrolytic graphite, HOPG with low price, big quantity.
Good reputation, reliable quality, best service and high technologies are our eternal objectives!
Hope we can be your partners soon. We will serve you with our quality products and top technologies and benefit each other.
Group factories and addresses:
Graphite factory: Baofeng 102 Road, Baofeng county, Pingdingshan city, Henan, China
Graphite felt: Building 6#, Jingui Road, Shaoshan city, Hunan province, China.
Carbon brush/materials: Hefei city, Anhui province, China
Carbon composite: Don’t open to customers.
Welcome to visit our factories, and give valuable suggestions!
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Jasa Cargo Jakarta ke Langgur Logistik Express merupakan perusahaan yang bergerak dibidang pengiriman barang dengan tujuan dari dan ke seluruh wilayah Indonesia. Logistik Express memiliki keunggulan pada tarif yang terjangkau serta pengiriman aman sampai alamat tujuan. Di era sekarang ini banyak dibutuhkan jasa pengiriman yang praktis dan dan efisien. Untuk itu Logistik Express hadir sebagai mitra pengiriman barang anda mulai dari paket kecil 30kg, 50kg, dan 100kg sampai hitungan tonase. Melayani pengiriman retail, LCL (Less Container Load), FCL (Full Container Load), dan sewa armada. KEUNGGULAN LAYANAN LOGISTIK EXPRESS Konsultasi online mudah via whatsapp Bisa request picked up kiriman Door to Door Service Pembayaran mudah via cash atau transfer Tarif terjangkau MACAM MACAM ARMADA PENGIRIMAN 1. Via Udara Jasa Pengiriman via udara banyak dipilih oleh para pengirim barang maupun penyedia jasa ekspedisi karena leadtime pengirimannya yang cepat dan efisien. Namun pengiriman via udara ini juga memiliki ongkir yang lebih mahal daripada pengiriman dengan armada via darat dan via laut. 2. Via Laut Cargo via laut ini kerap menjadi pilihan armada pengiriman barang karena jangkauannya yang luas. Armada cargo via laut ini dapat menjangkau pengiriman antar provinsi dan juga antar pulau. Jika anda menginginkan pengiriman yang aman namun tetap dengan ongkir terjangkau maka cargo via laut ini menjadi pilihan yang tepat untuk anda. 3. Via Darat Cargo via darat dengan armada kereta maupun truk cargo juga banyak dipilih oleh masyarakat yang ingin mengirimkan barang. selain ongkir yang terjangkau, cargo darat ini memudahkan para pengirim untuk melacak posisi barangnya. PEMESANAN LAYANAN CARGO LOGISTIK EXPRESS Hubungi Kami Untuk Konsultasi Dan Juga Layanan Kiriman Cargo Customer Service Yuni : 0816 2670 79 Email : Ekspedisi Jakarta Langgur, Maluku Tenggara Ekspedisi Semarang Langgur, Maluku Tenggara Ekspedisi Surabaya Langgur, Maluku Tenggara Ekspedisi Bandung Langgur, Maluku Tenggara Ekspedisi Tangerang Langgur, Maluku Tenggara
Here are a few common safety violations to look out for in construction work?
Construction work is inherently dangerous. The rules of construction are complex and can be difficult to understand, especially when it comes to safety regulations. Still, there are some common safety violations that all contractors should know about. Not using fall protection equipment Fall protection is required for all construction work. Safety harnesses, safety lines, and personal fall arrest systems are all types of fall protection equipment. All workers who are at least 10 feet above the ground must use a safety harness or other means of preventing injury when they're working on scaffolding, ladders, or other elevated structures. Defective ladders, scaffolds, and stairways You should inspect the ladder, scaffold, and stairway before using to ensure that it is in good condition. Ladder: Inspect all sides of the ladder for cracks or breaks. Make sure it is properly grounded and that there are no loose parts on it. Scaffold: Check for any missing brackets or screws used to secure your scaffold before use; this may be dangerous if left unchecked! Stairs: Inspect each step before ascending so that they are not cracked or broken at any point along their length (including above ground level). Not erecting the scaffold properly Follow the manufacturer's instructions. Don't erect your scaffold on a slope or at an angle that would make it difficult to use, or if you don't have enough space around it. This can become dangerous if it is not done properly and may lead to injuries or even death! Electrical hazards Electrical hazards are the most common cause of death in construction. Electric shock is the most common electrical injury, causing an estimated 20 per cent of all electrocutions. Other hazards include: ● Faulty wiring ● Overloaded circuits and/or damaged equipment Exposure to dangerous chemicals There are a lot of chemicals that can be dangerous to your health. For example, most paints contain lead and cadmium, which are known to cause health problems such as kidney damage and cancer. If you need to handle any type of paint or other hazardous materials in your job, make sure you use the right equipments for the job. Improper trenching and excavation It's important to dig a trench the right way. When you're digging a trench for electrical or plumbing lines, you need to make sure that it's wide enough for your equipment and protected from water. You should also use proper tools for the job: an excavator with a bucket-wheel attachment can help make sure that your work area is level and square, while a shovel will provide stability when removing soil from around pipes or other objects buried underground. Besides these basic precautions, construction workers should also be aware of other common safety violations: Improper excavation: This is one of the most common violations in construction work because it can cause serious injury or death if not addressed the right way by experienced professionals who supervise their team members' efforts on site (and who know how much time they have before they're needed elsewhere). Using defective power tools When you're using power tools, it's important to make sure that they are in good condition. If you can't see the blade, it may be dull or broken and could cause injury. Also, don't use a tool that is not approved by the manufacturer is not advisable to use because this can lead to serious accidents and lawsuits later down the road! Conclusion As construction workers, we are often required to use tools that can be dangerous. When it comes to safety, we need to take into account the risks involved in our work and make sure we have all the necessary equipment on hand always so that we are safe in case something goes wrong. If you are looking a for construction company in Dubai, that gives 100% importance to safety, then Soleil is the one. Soleil are construction contractors that bring experience and quality to the project. Get in touch today with Soleil.
بودرة ثوم فرشلي.. فوائدها متعددة لا تحصى
شركة فرشلي ومنذ تأسسيها في العام 2003 وهي توفر الكثير من الأغذية المعلبة الصحية بالجودة العالية، وبسبب الأبحاث والرغبة في التطوير والوصول إلى جميع المتسهلكين وإرضائهم تم فتح كثير من خطوط الإنتاج في الشركة حتى دخلت التوابل، والتوابل التي توردها شركة فرشلي هي توابل مستودة من أفضل الدول المشهورة في البهارات كالهند ودول أمريكا اللاتينية. بودرة ثوم فرشلي متوفرة في متجر أرزاق بأسعار الجملة، جميع المنتجات المعروضة في المتجر مخزنة بطريقة آمنة، المنتج مناسب لأصحاب المطاعم والكافيات والفود تراك. ما هي مميزات بودرة ثوم فرشلي؟ يتكون مسحوق الثوم المجفف من الثوم الذي قد يضاف إليه مواد أخرى، لمعرفة المزيد عن المكون الأساسي لهذا المسحوق يمكنك الرجوع إلى الصفحة الخاصة بالثوم. بودرة الثوم متوفرة في الكثير من المحلات ومن أفضل الماركات المصنعة لها حسب معايير الجودة هي تلك المصنعة من شركة فرشلي. منتجات شركة فرشلي تشتريها العائلة العربية وهي مطمئنة. القيمة الغذائية لبودرة الثوم يحتوي الثوم على مادة الأليسين وهو مركب فعال لمقاومة الميكروبات ويحتوي على نسبة كبيرة من البروتين والألياف الغذائية. ما هي استخدام بودرة ثوم فرشلي؟ تمتاز بودرة الثوم بطعمها اللاذع، فيمكن استخدامها في تحضير العديد من الأطعمة وتتبيلاتها، ومن المعروف لنا جميعًا الفوائد المتعددة الكثيرة للثوم، اذ تحتوي على الكربوهيدرات، الحديد، الفسفسور، النحاس، الزنك، البروتين، والفيتامينات، مهما حاولنا إحصاء مزايا الثوم فأنها لا تحصى. وكل تلك المكونات تعود بالنفع علينا وعلى أجسامنا: تقي القلب من الأمراض. مفيد لمرضى الضغط فهي تعمل على تقليل ضغط الدم المرتفع. تقلل الدهون الثلاثية بالجسم. تخفض نسبة الكوليسترول في الجسم. أثبت الثوم كفاءته في محاربة مرض السرطان. ويعمل على تدعيم جهاز المناعة في جسم الإنسان. وإذا كان الأطفال الصغار لا يحبون أكل الثوم عند رؤيته في الطعام يمكن استخدام بودرة ثوم فرشلي حتى يعتادوا على طعم الثوم. وهي حيلة تلجأ إليها الأمهات في أغلب الأحيان. كيفية استخدام بودر الثوم فرشلي في التخسيس وانقاص الوزن؟ ولقد اطلعنا على فوائد بودرة الثوم الطبية والعلاجية ومنها طبعًا التخسيس وانقاص الوزن حيث أنها تحرق الدهون بالجسم بسرعة مما يساعد على انقاص الوزن. ويوصىي أفضل الأطباء المتخصصين في التغذية باستخدام معلقتين كبيرتين من مسحوق بودرة الثوم مع 7 أكواب من الماء وشرائح الليمون، ومن ثم نغلي الخليط ونضع بعض من البقدونس، وننتظر الخليط حتى يبرد ونضعه في الثلاجة ويؤخذ منها 3 فنجاين يوميًا. وهل تعلم أن بودرة الثوم تعتبر مسكنًا لآلام الأسنان كل ما عليك فعله وضع بودرة الثوم على مكان الألم وخلال أقل من 10 دقائق سوف يختفي الألم. فرشلي بودرة الثوم منتج معروف بنكهته القوية، ويستحق في أغلب مطابخ العالم الشرقي والغربي ويكاد يدخل الثوم في جميع الأكلات، كبهار أو توابل، ويستخدم كتابل للصوصات والصلصات والمخللات. وبكل تأكيد كصاحب مطعم، أو فود تراك أن أهم عنصر أو تابل للأكل لجميع الأطباق التي تقدمها هو بوردة الثوم، حيث نكاد نجزم أنه لا يوجد طبق تقدمه لا يحتاج إلى الثوم، يمكنك الآن طلب الكمية التي ترغب بها لمطعمك واستفيد من الأسعار المقدمة من أرزاق، وبسعر الجملة، ومنتج فرشلي بودرة الثوم غني عن التعريف من ناحية الماركة الشهيرة المحببة لجميع أفراد العائلة، أو المنتج نفسه بودرة الثوم الذي لا يوجد أي مطعم لا يستخدمه في إنتاج أطباقه اللذيذة.
Craving For Pan Seared Salmon Over Perfect White Rice
Do you want pan-seared salmon over perfect white rice? Prepare yourself accordingly. I'm going to share my recipe with you right now. Continue reading! Grilled salmon is one of the simplest fish dishes. Essentially, it is cooked at high heat with a splash of oil, salt, and lemon. You don't require anything else. Any additional ingredients and processes are just to personalize this recipe. That, of course, is fantastic. Next, I'll walk you through the process of making this simple and healthful dish step by step. Ingredients for Grilled Salmon Recipe - 2 pieces of fresh salmon slices or fillets - Olive oil - 1 lemon - Salt to taste - Black pepper to taste Step-By-Step Preparation 1. Preheat a griddle or big skillet over high heat and pour in a small amount of olive oil. 2. Season the salmon with salt and pepper and place it in the pan to cook. 3. The fish may take longer to cook thoroughly depending on the thickness of the pieces. Allow 2 minutes per side. If you want it well done, reduce the temperature of the griddle to half and let it continue cooking. 4. Because salmon is a fatty fish, part of its own fluids will cook it, which is a good thing. 5. When the fish is done, take it from the pan or griddle and arrange each piece on a platter. 6. Finish with a generous squeeze of freshly squeezed lemon, if desired. Prepare rice before your salmon is grilled. 2 cups of basmati rice are required for this. I have a Zojirushi NS zcc10 rice cooker, thus preparing rice is a simple process. To prepare the rice, wash it and soak it in water for around 30 minutes. Then, start the rice cooker and add the ghee. Now add 2 tsp cumin seeds and wait for a few seconds for it to crackle. For about a minute, stir in the bay leaf, cardamom, cinnamon stick, and cloves. Fill the rice cooker with 2 cups of water and bring it to a boil. To the boiling water, add salt. Now add the soaked rice (after draining the water) to the rice cooker and cook for 20 minutes, or until your rice cooker automatically switches to "Keep Warm" mode. Instead of diving in with a spoon, gently fluff the rice with a fork. Once your grilled Salmon is ready, serve it over aromatic rice and enjoy!
We All Need Useful Products Like This😍
FROTHER ☕【Premium Quality Milk Frother】The detachable whisking head is made of high quality stainless steel, easy to clean. The frother wand is made of food grade ABS with easy and comfortable grip. The built-in powerful low-noise motor brings strengthened speed rotation without disturbing your families and gives you a calm and tranquil morning ☕【Multifunctional Electric Whisk】There are 2 versatile whisking heads available. The coffee frother is detachable & replaceable for different uses. Choose the spring whisking head to make the perfect milk foam and choose the ballon whisking head for egg beating. You can also use the ballon whisking head to achieve better frother effect when you use the large container ☕【USB Rechargeable Milk Frother】 The handheld milk frother is powered by the built-in 1200mAh rechargeable 18650 lithium battery without any battery replacement, super environmentally friendly. It needs about 6 hours to get the portable milk forther fully charged, convenient in daily use ☕【Three Gear Adjustable Coffee Frother】Press the on/off switch to make the motcha frother work with blue light. Choose the different speeds to achieve ideal espresso frother effect. This is our updated version of electric milk frother with a new speed cycle: Low Speed - OFF - Medium Speed - OFF - High Speed - OFF, so you can turn it off at any time without going through all the speeds. Never make a mess any more! 🎁【Easy to Clean】The stainless steel whisk is replaceable and easy to clean with running water. Please note that the body of the milk foam machine is not waterproof, so please do not immerse it in water. This Usb Frother can be best gift for your coffee lover friends and loved ones
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How to fix the broken sliding door repair Miami track Introduction The ​Miami track is used to transport the door from one side to the other. It’s important to use a quality track so that there are no problems with the doors and tracks. If you notice that your sliding door repair Miami track is broken, then it needs to be repaired or replaced. Remove the door from the track Remove the door from the track Remove the wheels from the track Remove the door from its frame by removing all screws holding it together (do not use pliers on these screws). The best option is to use a utility knife, but if you don't have one available, a screwdriver and pliers will work just as well! Score both sides of your broken track insert with an X cut at least 2 inches deep into each side of your broken track insert (you can do this before or after removing it). This will make it easier for you to remove later once you have scored through most other parts of what remains in place on top of your tracks! Clean the wheels and the track Using a vacuum cleaner, remove any debris from the track and wheels. Use a toothbrush to clean off any rust that may be present on the surface of the tracks or wheels. Wipe everything down with a damp rag so that all moisture has been removed from your repairs in order to prevent future damage from occurring during the use of your door again! Reassemble everything into its original position (if necessary). If you have trouble reassembling it correctly, don't worry! Just give us a call at [phone number] and we'll help you figure out how best to do it yourself! Reassemble the door and the track Reassembling the door and track Checking for any loose screws or bolts Checking for any damage to the track Checking for any damage to the wheels Removing your sliding door from its track How to fix a sliding door repair Miami track The first step to repairing your sliding door on the repair Miami track is to remove the door from the track. If you have a single-panel or double-panel, you will need to remove both panels at once. If you have a retractable screen, this may be done with just one panel or even without removing either door at all! If you're replacing an existing track because it's broken or damaged beyond repair, make sure that any screws securing your new tracks are secure before moving ahead with reassembly (and don't forget about any loose ones!). Once removed from their seats in front of your glass pane(s), take another look around them carefully—there might still be some debris stuck underneath where they were attached; if so then use an appropriate tool like a screwdriver or flathead screwdriver depending upon what type of glue was used originally when installing them into place. Next up: clean away any dirt/debris off all surfaces using alcohol wipes and paper towels; then use spray lubricant on each wheel until smooth movement occurs again throughout its entire circumference without resistance whatsoever (this includes inside corners where wheels meet wooden rails). Finally, replace screws back into respective holes while also making sure they're evenly spaced out across bottom edges so as not to cause vibration during operation again later down the line when opening up doors again after the repainting job has already been done here today :) Conclusion: The sliding door repair Miami track is a product that can help you fix a broken sliding door repair Miami track. It is made up of high-quality materials, which will make it last longer than other products. This product can be used on any kind of sliding door repair Miami track, whether the model is old or new. It also has pre-punched holes so that you can easily install it without having to drill any holes in your wall or flooring