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Viaje 3 días de Marrakech a Merzouga desierto con Expertos

Este Viaje de 3 días de Marrakech a Merzouga es especial para una pequeña escapa. y También donde podrás disfrutar de espertaculares montañas. arquitectura marroquí (kasbahs), pueblos bererebes, la cultura nómada, su gastronomía con deliciosos tajines. y pasarás una apasionante noche en el desierto durmiendo en una haima típica. vivi una experiencia inolvedable en un Viaje 3 días de Marrakech a Merzouga.

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How to change name on Turkish Airlines ticket?
If the passenger wants to change their name on a Turkish airlines ticket, they can use the manage booking option or connect with the airline representative, and they will change their name as soon as possible. To change the name on a Turkish Airlines ticket, they should read the name change policy because the airline allows changing the passenger name on some terms and conditions.  Terms and Conditions for Turkish Airlines Name Change.  Passengers can change their names within 24 hours of booking and don’t have to pay the charges.  The airline allows passengers to change only the middle letters of their first name and full surname.  If there is a minor correction in your name, the airline will do it free of cost.  The airline will make a new ticket for you. If there is a significant correction in your name, the airline will make a new ticket for you.  If you are getting married or divorced and have to change your name, you must provide the marriage or divorce certificate to the airline representative.  The process to change the name on the ticket.  Use Manage Booking Option.  Travelers can use the manage booking option if they want to change their name on the flight ticket. To use the manage booking option, they must follow the instructions and easily change the name:  Go to the official website of Turkish Airlines.  Tap on the manage booking option.  Type the required details and click on the login option.  Go to the change option and click on the name change option.  Type your new name and click on the submit option. If you change your name after 24 hours, you must pay the charges.  Click on the payment option and select the payment method.  After that, you will receive the confirmation on your registered email id and text on the phone number.  Connect with the Representative on a Call.  When passengers want to change their name, they can connect with the representative on a call. To call the airline representative, they have to dial the official phone number. Listen to the IVR steps carefully. Once they connect with the representative, they can ask for the name change. The representative will change their name according to their terms and conditions, and they will provide you a new ticket with the name change on their registered email id and text.  When the passenger is looking for an answer about How to change name on Turkish Airlines ticket, you can use the above methods and change your name as quickly as possible. 
Pan Dulce For Dummies!
Hey, you! Yeah, you! Are you tired of muffins? Over croissants? Are bagels too boring, and donuts just not for you? Well, let me tell you all about something you NEED to try - it's called PAN DULCE! Pan dulce is Spanish for 'sweet bread' and is the perfect Mexican breakfast on the go. You can pair it with a coffee, chase it down with a sip of Abuelita - hell, eat it alone for all I care. Either way, you're not going to be let down! These are called 'conchas'. They're basically the world's most awesome roll. They're not very sweet in the actual roll part, but are covered in a sweet cookie crust. They're also very colorful. If you see a concha out in the wild, it means things are about to get real delicious. Whatchu know about OREJAS?! They're supposed to look like ears, but I just see rainbows made out of delectable carbohydrates. Made with flaky puff pastry, the oreja is pretty bourgie for a pan dulce. BOOM. Marranitos. These molasses pig-shaped cookies almost taste like a Mexican variety of gingerbread - except they're SO MUCH BETTER and SERVED ALL YEAR ROUND. (This is also my favorite pan dulce so if you mess with the marranito, you're messing with me.) Holy Empanadas! Mexican empanadas make all other empanadas look like Hot Pockets. You might know empanadas as stuffed with potato, meat, and cheese (which you can easily find in Mexico!), but empanadas of the bakery variety are filled with apple, pumpkin, and pineapple! Yum! Save room for 'cuernos'! The cuerno is like the butter croissant's fun kid sister who you'd much rather hang out with because butter croissants are comparatively boring and less colorful. My favorite cuernos have pink stripes, but you can find cuernos of all sorts of colors! Those are five different pan dulces in a long, long list of awesome panadería eats! If you've never been to a Mexican bakery, I highly recommend you visit and try these for yourself! What's your favorite pan dulce? Is there one I didn't mention that YOU really enjoy? Let me know in the comments below! (And I'm totally tagging all of my Mexican candy fans. Because word. @TerrecaRiley @alywoah @KpopGaby @JoeyNelson @mirandazamira @YeseniaLira @bangtanboysfan1 @Sunflower18 @aabxo @giselacampos14 @DulceOjeda @Cuetlatchli @Thyaremycreator @AnnahiZaragoza @aliciasalinas @SunnyV @IlseJimenez @YeseniaF @purplem00n23 @reyestiny93 @jgallegos222 @NykeaKing @RaquelArredondo)
The Friends You Make During Service Projects
If I can give you one piece of advice that will change your life completely it would be to sign up for a service project, and do it solo. There is just something about thrusting yourself into a totally new environment with complete strangers that helps you form the most amazing friendships. A few summers ago I signed up for a 5 week volunteer/adventure trip to Costa Rica. To this day it has been the most amazing, life changing, happiest 5 weeks of my life. And if I could go back to being on that bus with 40 of my closet friends, I would. Spending time with anyone in a totally foreign place forces you to rely on the people you are with. Who cares if you only met them yesterday, you got the craziest email from your friend from home and need to gossip about it with someone. Everyone is on the trip to have a great time and make new friends, so it will not be weird for you to sit right down next to someone on the bus and start talking about anything. I am usually extremely loud and like to have fun, so within the first 5 minutes at the airport terminal I had my bus group; girls who are also loud, funny and trying to party on our days off. After a few days more people began to gravitate towards us and soon even the most shy in the group became comfortable with everyone. If you have a friend with you from home, it is harder to branch out and make these lasting friendships. You feel like you have to always be with them, pay attention to them and tell your secrets only to them. While traveling with a friend is awesome, service trips are better done alone. This gets you out of your comfort zone and really helps you focus on the mission (and the people) at hand. Rather then worry if your friend is having a good time or if they don't like some of the people you enjoy, you get to sit where you want, joke with who you want, and put all your energy into making lasting friendships with the amazing people you get to meet. Service trips usually thrust you into living conditions you are not accustom too, which means you all are about to get very personal very fast. We had to sleep with bug nets, kill crazy crab looking spiders and even smash a scorpion with one of our shoes. But we also had to work though each others panic attacks, help each other if one of us got to drunk, cheer someone up if they were homesick, and talk about bodily functions weren't just unavoidable, they were also hilarious. Being embarrassed and ashamed is a waste of time when everyone is going though the same culture shock as you are. Lean on your new friends as support. After the first week of living with them, you might even feel closer to them then your friends at home. Which is good because leaving them will hurt...a lot. I don't even want to think about how we all had to say good bye to each other in the airport, but friendships made on service trips last a lifetime. If you can travel together you can do pretty much anything, and when you see them again after however long, things will go right back to how they were as if no time has past. So do a service trip solo, and you will come back from it with so many strong friendships then you could ever have dream of.