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omg heaven ♥_♥
@YinofYang hell yeah it'll be AWESSSOOOMEEE!!! (^_^) I'm from New Zealnd, lol, the land of the long white clouds, lol :) Anyways, if I knew you I would def. go with you... :) although, soryy bout my rudeness, but how old are you??? cos i usually gt to know people that are older than me, lolz :D
@relinashinee It's so funny the way parents are, I think. Hi, Relina! I'm Yin and I live near Chicago. ( ^∇^) Wouldn't a trip to the world's greatest libraries be an awesome idea?
@YinofYang if only my 'rents were like that huh? oh well, their loss, not mines anyways. But where u from and hi im relina :D
@relinashinee Believe it or not, my mom was the same way. She actually threatened to throw away my books because she thought that reading was such a harmful activity.I don't think there's anything at all with loving reading as much as you do. Reading brings readers new perspectives, ideas, and fosters creativity. :)
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