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Catching Up to a Road Rager
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We have all seen this before. A motorist gets angry at a cyclist, honks their horn, angrily drives by, all because the "cyclist is holding up traffic." Little does the motorist know that the cyclist is right behind him. It's not always the best idea to confront an angry motorist, but sometimes you can't help it.
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Yea I do this all the time...they ride by being an asshole and then I love it when I ride up next to them at a light and let em have it!
I tried to chase down a guy once like that, but he saw me and blew through a light. Lol. Wuss
Yea that's what happens most of the time....they see u Comin and they haul ass....like u said wussies
It is really hard to respect the older generation when they don't have respect for anyone else though. The cyclist's response was hilarious