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The New York Yankees have decided to honor one of their lifetime greats by wearing a Derek Jeter patch on player hats and uniforms from September 7th. This is meant to honor one of the most iconic Yankees ever. "The baseballs with Jeter logos that will be put in play on Sunday, and the uniforms used in the game and throughout the rest of the season will be sold by Steiner Sports," company president Brandon Steiner said. This was done last year with Mariano Rivera, but it was done only for a day. This is the first time, that I know of, when a player will be wearing patches of himself on his day-to-day uniform and cap. While I do understand the sentiment behind honoring a player like Jeter, who always seemed to make the right play and stay the right course, I do not think this is about that. This is about milking every last cent out of the icon that is Jeter. I know that sports are a business, but can they not be a little more discrete about it? They are making fans pay 50 dollars for a hat!! It is 50 dollars simply because it has Jeter’s face. How is that about the love of the game? How is that about honoring a player many people looked up to? I am a big Yankees fan, but the day they made this decision, they gained a lot of money but lost the respect of fans like myself. Am I being too harsh though? Is it expected and correct for the Yankees to do this, or did they push the envelope too far?
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I am a huge Derek Jeter fan, @Goyo, but this patch is too much. That's for players or staff who died, not someone who is retiring, even if he is an icon like Jeter.
@spudsomma actually I would even understand if they did this and said all the proceeds would go to charity, or that there would be no markup on the Jeter merchandise. But their ridiculous price basically means this is not about honoring anyone... This is about making as much money as possible. As a Yankee and Jeter fan, I am disappointed.
@sjeanyoon I am pretty sure he is going to have plenty on his plate... He has mentioned that he wants to focus more on his foundation, Turn 2, which looks to reward academic excellency
I still can't believe this is his last season. He has wanted to be a Yankee since he was a kid! What is he going to do without the team?!