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Discover 6 Natural Ways to Keep Your Home Pest Free

While there are so many ways to get rid of pests at home, ensuring they stay away is a crucial task. It would be best if you took various precautions to ensure that you keep your house pest free. You must be wondering why it is necessary to take such precautions if you can simply call your pest control service.

But you should know that taking precautions along with your best pest control in Cedar Hill, TX, can increase the chances of keeping your house pest-free for extended periods.
So why not take some natural precautions to keep your home pest free and make your home safer for your family and friends? Keep reading this article to know more about it!

1. Basil keeps flies at bay!

Did you know that keeping basil in your home can keep flies at bay? You can grow basil in pots and keep it in the kitchen. Another trick you should know is that you can make basil pouches and keep them in your kitchen cabinets to keep the flies away from edible items.

2. Magic of essential oils!

Many would be familiar with the idea of using essential oils to pest away from your home, and you should note that it is one of the best natural ways to keep insects away from your home as insects tend to run away from strong smells of oils and herbs. You can sprinkle a mixture of essential oils and water around the house!

3. Citrus peels as spider repellent!

Spiders hate citrus, and any form of citrus around your house can help keep spiders away from your home. You have to put citrus peels in the corners where you can see spider webs or spray a mixture of water and lemon juice, and you will be safe!

4. Eliminate bugs with vinegar!

You can eliminate the bugs from your home by using a mixture of water and vinegar; it is one of the most effective disinfectants you can use for your house, which is natural at the same time. You can scare away the tiny bugs and ants by cleaning the surfaces with this mixture. You can also kill germs and bacteria around your house with this solution.

5. Citronella for mosquitos

One of the best natural mosquito repellents for your home is citronella. You can spray the mixture of citronella essential oil and water all around the house and keep your house fragrant and mosquito-free.

6. Your four-legged friend can help!

While some find it hard to believe, having a pet can decrease your chances of having a rat problem. Rats and mice don’t like to enter the premises where cats or dogs live. If you have been thinking about having a pet, you have more reasons to get one.

Parting Words

There is no comparison with exterminators in Arlington, TX, but taking natural precautions will also go a long way in keeping your house safe and free from pests. I hope these simple tips will help keep your home clean and healthy!