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Stan Goldberg, a famous comic artist born and raised in New York City, passed away on August 31. For fans of Marvel comics (like me!) or the famous Archie comics this comes as very sad news. To quote the article "Ask those who knew Stan Goldberg well, and they will tell you that whether he was at the drawing table or the dinner table, he was just a pleasure to be around, and converse with, and know." I am personally really sad to hear this as his work was really influential throughout the comic world.
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I remember Archie! I used to get gum that had a mini Archie comic on the wrapper. RIP Stan!
Oh no!! Well, his work will definitely live on :)
Thanks for sharing this! I loved Archie Comics growing up. I think my favorite character was his ex Cheryl Blossom because she always made Betty and Veronica so jealous.