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Ep 1 Recap: 
 Ep 2 Recap: Ep 3 Recap: Ep 4 Recap: Ep 5 Recap: Ep 6 Recap: START CY are now about to leave the exile place, but he was attacked by some guys. Then he saw SI, and he knew that GC is behind all of this plan. Then he asked the Prince and ES to run away with him. He said, "whatever happen, just stay behind my back. Are you guys ready? If you guys are ready, let's run." They went out and try to fight the bad guys. They are about to run away when the palace guards who are supposed to guard the prince in the exile place tried to stop them (because leaving that place means treason). Suddenly, SI's people fought the palace guards. OH NO so GC will make this as an attempt as a high treason. They managed to escape while being attacked, and CY told ES to bring the prince and hide to a save place. ES is worried and said, "why only us need to leave?" But CY said, "please help me protect the king." Meanwhile, a palace guard sent to warn CY & ES arrived in the exile place but he is too late. He was watching the place from faraway but he met some stranger. That guard tried to kill him, but he seems to be at the same side. Meanwhile in the palace, the king and the palace advisor start to feel suspicious about CY. Advisor said, "We should not trust CY at the first place. now they ran away with the prince. If this is really a treason, what should we do. Lady Choi met the mute herbalist, and she told her that the guard is awake now. So Choi ask him to wake up and meet the Queen. Queen is now trying to investigating that guard. She asked, "you followed CY and ES right? Whose side is he with now? Why is CY following GC's order??" But unfortunately that guard don't know anything. JB and Lady Choi tried to convince Queen that there must be something is going on with CY and ES and told the queen not to think non sense, but the queen said, "Forget it. I won't listen and believe anything anymore." ES now are hiding with the prince. It is raining hardly. After the prince is asleep, she went out from the house with a knife (just in case hehehe) and she felt someone is coming. She tried to attack that person, but it was CY!!! Thanks Goodness!!! He said, "don't stab if you don't have confidence." He went inside and ES saw blood on his face. So she asked, "are you hurt?" but CY said, "don't worry, this is not my blood." He wanted to approach the prince, but ES didn't let him and ask him to stay away from the prince. After a while though, she start to talk to him and said, "did you even get any sleep yet? since last night?" then she approach to the place where he is sitting down. But CY moved away to a different spot. then ES came to him again and asked him to lean on her shoulder. He said, "how can you ask a guy to lean on a girl?" ES said, "it doesn't have anything to do with boy and girl. The tired person should lean on the stronger ones. So don't worry and close your eyes a little bit." but he is already asleep on her shoulder!!! AWWWWWW. She was not looking but CY is just pretending sleeping!!! The next day, the prince seem to hurt a lot (his ear). So ES is asking for aspirin that CY got with him, and she gave him the aspirin. CY asked ES, "can't you do any accupunture?" ES said, "that's not my major. but i can do something else." then she start teaching the prince a popular song back in 80s (if im not mistaken). She said, "follow me. What is your name? Why do you hurt me?" and she start singing (with a very bad voice hehehe) so she made CY and the prince laughed. Outside, the guard finally managed to find them, and CY asked about the stranger that he bring, "who is this man??" But the guard convince that that guy is helpful and a guy that they can trust. They are not trying to make a strategy how to escape. But ES said, "if we take too long of a ride, the prince will feel the pain again." Then he asked to his guard to go back to the palace. In the palace, there is a weird situation between the king and the queen. They are sitting in front of each other, but since they promised not to talk with each other, they use JB as a mediator. HAHAHA this is so childish. King was so angry that she left the palace without his permisision. Suddenly he grab her body, and said, "what again? why do you want to make me look so pathetic in front of you? what good is that guy (CY) compared to me that you are trying to save him?" The queen was about to answer, when the palace officials came and approach them. They accused CY for doing a high treason. Meanwhile, the guard who came back after meeting CY, tried to defend, but no use. King now is very angry, He asked the guard, "is this true? so behind my back, you guys are meeting with CY?" He felt shattered and feel unrespected by his people. They now bring the prince to a safer place where they can treat the prince's pain. The prince is now lying with ES. Prince said, "it seems that the medicine you give to me works well. and also the charm that you told me also works well." ES now is picking some herbs in the garden. And she was looking at some yellow flowers. CY approached her and asked, "what are you doing?" ES said, "i am trying to pick some herbs to make painkiller for the prince. Like this. this is peppermint leaves. I know this, because this leaf is inside the cocktail that I like the most, Mojito." CY said, "let's go. don't waste your time here." CY then picked a flower, and put it on CY's ear (like the usual Kdrama mad woman character hehehe). She seems to have fun with that, and it cracked her up. They are invited for dinner by the Won official. But, GC now is in the prince room!! and he try to intimidate the king. He said that he will try to gain CY's heart and ES heart. He will gain new power. ES is now very very much enjoying her meal. CY wanted to go back to the prince room coz he didn't want to leave the prince alone, but they stopped him. Meanwhile the prince now is having a conversation with GC. Prince said, "so what do I need to do for you to save me? Do I have to kneel down in front of you?" GC said, "Yeah~ you should." Prince said, "I refuse to do it." Suddenly GC show him some medicine and said, "this medicine will slowly burn your throat and your intestines. do you want me to feed you this medicine? or do you want to kill CY for me? Why are you hesitating? It's very easy. You kill CY, and you will be alive." Prince asked while crying, "why do you need to kill him? can't he just stay alive?" GC said, "then if he stay alive, you need to die." He gave the medicine to him (for him to kill CY with that I think). Now CY and ES are going back to the prince room. ES suddenly stop him and said, "do you mean i have to die with you?" CY said, "do you know how to go back there?" ES said, "can't you go with me? you don't need to kill people anymore there. can't you come with me, together?" but CY ignored her and went to see the prince. He asked, "are you sleeping?" The prince was only trembling. The guard that is coming with them, were suddenly attacked by some palace guards. But some help came (luckily). But in the room, prince start having nose bleeding, and his body is now start burning with scars. OH NO!!! THE prince had drunk that medicine given by GC!!! ES didn't know what to do, but CY keep shouting at her," why don't you do something? don't you know how to cure him???" she went out to find something, and prince told him, "GC taught me about this. So I drank the poison. Anyway, I can't live long, so it doesn't matter. It's better for me to die like this. Can I go there too? the heaven nation? Tell me, CY, tell me about the heaven." CY while crying, said," there are a lot of carriage without horses, there are a lot of skycrappers, and those carriages can shine with its light, and the lights go up to the sky. If you go there, there will be no darkness." Prince said, "I'm hurting. I'm hurting so much." CY said, "I won't let you hurt anymore. Do you allow me to do that for you?" The prince said, "yes please. don't let me hurt again. Please do it for me." CY hugged him, and HE STABBED HIM. OHHHH I DON"T BELIEVE THISS. HE STABBED HIM TO RELEASE HIS PAIN. ES came in with a pile of water, and saw he was holding the knife. She said, "what did you do?? why did you kill himm??" CY said, "we will be accused for treason anyway, so I got no choice. Please, trust me." But ES as angry and said, "stay away from me. don't come any closer" and she ran away. But outside, GC caught her! And CY need to fight with EJ now. (I feel bad that Sung Hoon got a bad guy role for this, but he is such a hottie hehheehe). CY is now surrounded by GC's people, and GC ask him to kneel down, looking at ES captured by GC, he lost all his power...and kneel down..... END Ep 8 Preview: Ep 8 Recap: Get Faith episode's live recap, screenshots, and preview by following me at :) 
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donde lo puedo ver sub al español?
Gosh this drama is sooo good, it keeps getting better and better. I'm hooked, can't wait to see what happens between CY and ES. Can someone tell me what the conversation is all about btween GC and CY at the very end of the ep word for word? I just want to know why ES and CY are exchanging those expressions. Damn these cliff hangers are to good!
here's another site that just buffers every now and then can someone tell me if they know another site like these sites that always buffers really sucks!! that's why i much prefer to read the recap...
ionair,tv is under new management. and it's not for free anymore.. when you search for ionair,tv, will appear.. i don't know any streaming site for SBS dramas... hope somebody tells me where i can watch a live streaming for SBS (faith)
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