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Okay, maybe not the best longboarding video ever. But this longboarding video is literally my favorite of all time. It basically got me a lot more focused on the sport back in the day and it's fun to watch and compare it to the longboarding we see today.
I may "ooh" or gasp at some skateboard tricks, because "WOW!" but when it comes to longboarding... I love everything about it and there is nothing like it. I may never do most of the things in this video and that doesn't matter. What I do get out there and do gives me such a feeling of freedom and excitement! It's pure joy and adrenaline and relaxation all at once. There's nothing like it! This video captures it all! Thanks for posting!
@carenvendetti I know exactly what you mean. This video really gets to the point of longboarding, it's so relaxing it's almost numbing. I'll always love this video!
some great words @carenvendetti