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wow.. there are already kdramas in waiting... they'll gonna replace our much loved dramas that we are tuning into now.. the 1st image is of JUNG RYEO-WON she's with KIM MYUNG MIN in this drama, their new series is called KING OF DRAMAS and it's gonna replace FAITH, mon and tues slot, premiers on november. the 2nd image is of LEE BO-YOUNG, her new drama is called MY DAUGHTER SO-YOUNG, it follows UNEXPECTED YOU and premiers on sept. 15 the 3rd and 4th images are of MOON GEUN YOUNG and PARK SHI-HOO, their new drama is called ALICE IN CHEONGDAM-DONG..it follows FIVE FINGERS and premiers late this year. the 5th image is of RYU SOO-YOUNG, his ne drama is called RASCAL SONS, SEO IN-GOOK is with him in this drama, it replaces GOD OF WAR and will premier in mid-sept. the 6th images are of KIM JUNG-EUN and SHIN HYUN-JOON, their new drama is called OOHLALA SPOUSES,it follows HEUNDAE LOVERS and will premier in oct. the 7th images are of KIM SEUNG-WOO and OH JI-HO, their new medical drama is called THIRD WATCH, it premiers on sept. 5, they didn't tell what drama it replaces. the 8th image is of YEOM JUNG-AH, her new weekend drama is MY LOVE, MADAME BUTTERFLY,it follows DELICIOUS LIFE and will premier on oct. the 9th image is of JI SUNG, KIM SO-YEON and LEE YOON-JI are here and their new drama is called THE GREAT SEER, premiers on oct. and the last one, the 10th image is of PARK YOOCHUN, SOHN YE-JIN was the first choice for the lead but she turned it down due to her movie schedule, so there's still no leading lady as of this moment.. his new drama is called I MISS YOU, it follows ARANG AND THE MAGISTRATE and will premier on late oct. whew!! so, what new drama from the above are you most excited about? me? i think, 1. moon geun young-park shi-hoo drama,ALICE IN CHEONGDAM-DONG 2. ryu soo-young and Seo in-gook's RASCAL SONS, 3. OOHLALA SPOUSES with kim jung-eun and shin hyun-joon and lastly 4th is I MISS YOU, park yoochun's drama... how about you?
the way yoonjae ran for shiwon.. i went crazy!! he's adorable
yup. just saw the raw ep 11 and 12, still waiting for it to get subbed.. i shouted when yoo jae ordered coffee without knowing the shiwon was there before him... kyak at those stares...
me too.. do you watch reply 1997? it's really cute.. is sad love story really sad? i don't know about the surgery.. but she looks too old for lee min ho
@neaa.. well thank you for saying that, i'll tell her that you said about getting pretty at my age.. ^^ so, i'm currently watching sad love story which stars kim hee sun and kwon sang woo, coz i got curious about her, someone here said that she did plastic surgery on her face.. but looking at that old drama, there wasn't much difference at all.. so i guess, she did not do any surgery coz her face looks normal... oh well, i'm excited for tonight!! it's arang's night...hhehe
i am on my training period, so get a lot of time... so i'm also more or less online.. yes, your daughter sounds so much like me.. well .. i know your daughter must be as pretty as you.. so guess it's you who still look young..and your daughter too will look young when she's of your age.. your daughter is really lucky to have a mom like you
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