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as reminded my soula81, nobuta wo produce is my first japanese drama and it was really cute kimi ni todoke ...(as per vinglers' suggestion) i watched this movie and loved it.. do watch the common thread between these two is the FRIENDSHIP.. may it be the bromance between shuji and akira or the friendship between sawako, yoshida and yano..or sawako and kazehaya or the guys and nobuta.......all of them are so cute... and always sticking with their friends.. these two show/drama show the real essence of friendship
Fekimi yes.. these were my first time japanese shows and i was so hooked up.. simply because they were realistic!
I still remember Akira's KonKon and Nobuta Power!! It was hillarious!! I also like Kimi ni Todoke, which is so simple and sweet, not so fairy tale-ish but cute to the max. I always love how Japan makes their character so unique! starters japanese drama/movie
ohh you made a card of this
Kon Konn... Nobuta Power Up!!
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