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this is raw.. please can someone recap it or provide link to eng sub.. if any guy would have come running for me like yoonjae did (when shiwon was being stalked), i would have married him.. wake up can never find someone better than yoonjae!! in the end, there was something about the wedding band.. shiwon left it in the washroom and both taewoong and yoonjae commented.. but what, i really don't know?? can anyone translate the last scene???
Thanks Lavieenrose!!!! :) ahh..another mystery.. it looks more like a suspense drama than romantic!!
Thanks Lavieenrose!!!! :)))))))))))
From 41;50 > - Siwon : Oh, I can't control anymore! I will drink coffee! Don't stop me! - YooJeong : buy a cup of ice americano for me! -Everybody : Me,too! Me,too! Me,too! >(A Cafe) - Siwon : 5 cups of Ice Americano and a large cup of ice caramel mocha. - Server : and whipped cream? Do you want to take it away? - Siwon : No ! give it a lot! (Bathroom) >(people looked at the rings of Yoojeong&Hakchan) - Yoojeong : (Sigh) - Yoonje : So..You mean, it's your wedding ring? - Yoojeong : yes.. - Joonhee : it looks like more than 0.5carat.. - Taewoong : well..better than normal one.. - Yoojeong : Then, teacher^^ Why don't you change your ring like this? - Taewoong : ah...I'm a atheist ^^; (the symbol of buddhism) - SungJae : I'm pretty sure that you two will pass away peacefully. Are you buddhist monks? - Junhee : But it's platinum with a diamond..It's much expensive than other friends' rings. And your mom selected this by herself. - Yoojeong : Hey, how can I wear this?? No matter how she is a religious woman.. (Siwon came) - Siwon : (laugh) Don't say that it's your wedding ring. haha - Yoojeong : (yes..) Ah, I'll wear a couple ring like you :-( - Siwon : Ahhh where is my ring? - Yoonje : good job, How can she keep the ring till now? - Taewoong : envious.. it's a valuable ring - Joonhee : come to think of it, Siwon always wear that ring, not her wedding ring. - Sungjae : Hey, for her, most comfortable one is the best. For her husband,too.
Wait! I will translate the last part :)
HA! Neaa same here! I was like, could someone please translate so we will have a clue...; check out my recent card, look at the rings, its too similar!