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The late 90s and early 00s, while Europe was being taken over by Brit Pop in the form of Oasis and Pulp, America was entering a new phase of music history: the grunge era. Grunge music was accompanied by a lifestyle that is often stereotyped as apathetic yet angry, dirty but forward thinking. Basically, grunge was grungy. With all things 90s coming back into the fashion world (hello crop tops and platform shoes!) grunge is following closely behind. Think dark colors, plaid, loose clothes, and greasy, long hair. 1. Flannel - Check your local thrift stores for $5 flannels. Wear them over shirts, tie them around your waist, or just sling them over your bag. 2. Ripped jean - None of that intentionally ripped jeans junk. Get an old baggy pair and take a cheese grater to them! 3. Layers - The trick to the grunge look is multiple shirts, including a flannel. Girls - don't be afraid of socks on top of tights! I included some photos and, of course, some Nirvana, for some inspiration.
Nirvana is BACK!
Thank god for grunge. seriously.
I'm all for the return to baggy (comfy!) clothes
Just in time for autumn layers :)
I'm all about the plaid!