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The W Paris Hotel Opéra and France's 'First Lady of Street Art' Fafi announced this week that they are currently collaborating to create a special Fafi-themed room set to open later this year. Fafi is one of several France-based street artists that have been asked to help design different rooms for the hotel. Fafi is known around the world for her 'Fafinettes', her trademark and mischeivous heart-cheeked girl characters. Her Fafinettes have shown up on anything from Adidas sneakers to cans of Coca-Cola. Fafi herself has been able to use her success to move into the world of animation and music video direction, having worked with M.I.A, Kid Sister, and Azealia Banks to name a few. This is a really really exciting collaboration! It hasn't even opened yet, and I'm already so jealous of whoever gets to stay there. It looks amazing!
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@peppermintt I'm so jealous! That sounds incredible. I love really creative-looking rooms.
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Ohlala! This sounds like an awesome project!
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I love the second photo, this looks like its going to be so beautiful!
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Awesome! Can she come design my apartment next?
3 years ago·Reply
@kristenadams RIGHT???
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