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In a recent interview, Tom Brady was quoted as stating that he would retire the moment that he started to suck. When Peyton, who has had 4 neck surgeries and is 38 years old, was asked a similar question, he had a hard time coming up with an answer. When he was told what Brady said, Manning said: "Brady said he was going to play until he … sucked. That's a pretty good line. I'm kind of the same feel. I don't have a set number.” I agree with the sentiment in almost everything, except maybe a sport like Football. These days we are seeing more and more the repercussions that extended beatings had on the bodies of ex-players. Unlike baseball or even basketball, where the body is not exposed to such rigorous weekly beatings, football presents a deadly risk to older players, even if they do not yet suck. Maybe I am being overly cautious here, but I do not think that “playing until you suck” is the right attitude for NFL players. I am not sure if others would agree with me on this position though…
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