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It's not something anyone wants to think about: human waste. Who wants to worry about where it all goes? And who wants to worry about what happens when it can't all go there? At Burning Man, that's the last concern of the attendees. They're there to have a good time, but someone has to worry about it. Self-appointed "Shit Queen of Burning Man' RobbiDobbs has taken on the role of managing the 1,400 port-a-potties that Burners use each year. And with the constant threats of not being allowed on the property the next year if Burners don't decrease the waste they leave behind, she takes her job pretty seriously. I never thought I'd enjoy reading a piece this long about the poop of festival go-ers, and where it ends up, but here I am. Meet Robbie: "Robbi's Burning Man costume was a pale pink bonnet and white apron. Her rounded tent looked like a Prairie Schooner and has the words "Pottie Central" spray-painted on the facade. You tend to hear Robbi and her megaphone before you see her. Between the scolding and swearing, it feels like being squawked at by a maniacal Mother Goose." Learn the rest of her story, and the story of the Burner's waste in the article. Do you ever think about what you leave behind?
@onesmile @greggr she is definitely 1 crazy character!!
Well! What a story, what a tale! I can picture the potty queen coming to chastise me so easily; I don't think I'll be tossing anything into the toilet anytime soon. I wonder how long until Burning Man has to find a better solution for this problem.
This is insane. I honestly have never ever ever thought about the fact that someone out these has to suck everything out of every port-a-potty. Ew. Its amazing she has a bright attitude about this