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This is a very interesting article on how Reddit managed to make its community grow. While many of the topics covered are very standard, such as: Help build an existing community within one vertical Give people a place where they belong Give community leaders the tools to succeed, i.e. features to exert power to carefully manage their communities There are points that basically contradict what I had expected. I guess what surprised the most is that the article says that the best way to grow a community is too make sure you control its growth. Do NOT let the community to grow too fast, because the community will water down too fast. I guess this makes sense if you carefully think about it. If you want to ensure that something grows the right way, you need to make sure that you are constantly adjusting the way you nurture its growth. If, however, the community grows too fast, it becomes nearly impossible to properly guide it. I guess I was very surprised by this, because these days all services are looking for exponential growth. The more and more I read though, the more I start to see why so many of these services (especially those managed by huge corporations such as Google and Yahoo) have failed to bring in a great budding community, even though their service doesn’t lack the resources or features to grow.
Thanks for sharing this, @sbass. I find the part about not letting communities grow too fast to be particularly valuable and counterintuitive.
People get more focused on growth than strength of community sometimes, I guess. Interesting!
Reddit is such an interesting community, this was a cool article!
Interesting read. Thanks for posting