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This article written by a friend of Gore Vidal's describes his annoyance with the face that a pulp fiction novel written by Gore Vidal in 1953, under a pseudonym to earn some extra money, is going to be republished (with rights granted by Vidal's agency) in 2015. Parini, the author of this piece, insists that Vidal would rather let this piece die without readers than to bring it back to the forefront, because it was written by a younger Vidal, and doesn't carry the full essence of who he became, or of the author his fans love him for being. This makes me wonder about an issue that came to mind when thinking about how George Lucas has all but buried the original Star Wars because "it's not what he wanted." There are others, like John Green, who say that once something is published, it's not longer just the authors, but also partly owned by the fans. Even if Vidal didn't want this to be associated to his name, if he wrote it, isn't it just normal that it now much be republished under his name? Isn't it the right of his fans to read the work, easily, under his name? I'm not sure. The piece will likely die back into obscurity, considering it has remained lost and unread for so long, but still, it's an interesting situation.
@caricakes Very similar problem, yes
Same with JK Rowling trying to publish a novel under a pseudonym simply to have people love a story because of the story not the authors fame.