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The title of this time lapse video of footage from Switzerland is simple: "Make it Count." The video creator made this video with one thing in mind: "Everybody has a life, but the problem is, we only got one. Every step you take, can affect that one, time never stands still, life isn't slowing down or waiting for you. So, life your dream, and dream you life, and make it count! Using the timelapse technique in this video, I wanted to show people, time is really going fast, you don't have time to waste." I've watched a lot of time lapse videos, but never thought of one as a reminder to get out there and live! This inspires me to get up and travel to all the places I've been saying "I'll go there someday," because who knows when someday will be too late!
@trailskipper I know! I really would love to go.
absolutely gorgeous!!
so true, thanks
As if I didn't already desperately want to visit Switzerland! Beautiful footage :)
This video is gorgeous! I visited Switzerland a few summers ago and it is an absolutely stunning country.