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Cách bật trạng thái hoạt động TikTok

Tính năng trạng thái hoạt động mới được TikTok bổ sung lên nền tảng của mình, nó cho phép hai tài khoản đang follow nhau có thể biết trạng thái hoạt động của đối phương. Tương tự như Facebook hay Instagram, TikTok sẽ biểu thị người dùng đang hoạt động bằng một chấm xanh. Bên cạnh đó bạn cũng sẽ biết được thời gian hoạt động cuối cùng của đối phương là bao lâu. Trong bài viết này Cuz sẽ hướng dẫn bạn cách bật trạng thái hoạt động trên TikTok cực đơn giản.
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An ex-TikTok moderator, who was paid $10 a day and had to scroll through child abuse and gun violence, was required to keep her webcam on all night, report says
A Colombian ex-moderator for TikTok said she was required to keep her webcam on all night, according to a report by The Bureau of Investigative Journalism.  TBIJ spoke to nine moderators who shared their experience but requested that their identity remained secret for fear they might lose their jobs, or risk future employment prospects. All names have been changed, according to the outlet. Carolina, a former TikTok moderator who worked remotely for Teleperformance, a Paris-based company offering moderation services and earned $10 a day, said she had to keep her camera continuously on during her night shift, TBIJ reported. The company also told her that no one should be in view of the camera and was only allowed a drink in a transparent cup on her desk. Carolina said the situation was "terrible" because she lived with her family. "So I felt very guilty telling them, 'please don't pass behind the camera because I could be fired.' Teleperformance is especially paranoid with people seeing what we do." A TikTok spokesperson told Insider in a statement: "We strive to promote a caring working environment for our employees and contractors. Our Trust and Safety team partners with third-party firms on the critical work of helping to protect the TikTok platform and community, and we continue to expand on a range of wellness services so that moderators feel supported mentally and emotionally." Neither TikTok nor Teleperformance responded to The Bureau of Investigative Journalism's detailed list of allegations. Teleperformance, which has more than 42,000 workers in Colombia, did not respond to Insider's request for comment.  Current moderators shared with TBIJ that they had to clock in and out and log any breaks on an app called Timekeeper – but they didn't confirm whether they had to work with their cameras on.  Another former TikTok moderator, Carlos, told TBIJ it was a video of child sexual abuse that had traumatized him. The video showed a girl of five or six years old: "She was dancing, like pointing her back to the camera, it was so close." Luis, 28, worked night shifts moderating videos for TikTok. He listed to the outlet the kind of content he sees regularly: "Murder, suicide, pedophilia, pornographic content, accidents, cannibalism." He recalled seeing one video taken at a party, with two people holding what initially looked like pieces of meat. When they turned around, it appeared they were holding skin and gristle flayed off human faces. "The worst thing was that the friends were playing games and started using the human faces as masks," Luis said. Read the full story at The Bureau of Investigative Journalism.
Trends in social networks 2023
The decalogue of trends for social networks for the coming year, 2023, addresses the issue of a consumer concerned about their privacy, multimedia messages of different lengths, new experiences and message production, among others. Talkwalker, a consumer intelligence acceleration platform, and Khoros, a consumer engagement software and services company, present their annual report on social media trends for 2023. The Social Media Trends 2023 report titled From insights to action: how to stand out before a disruptive consumer, exposes the social media trends that matter most to brands, sales teams and public relations professionals, the concepts that will rule the coming year. The report harnessed Talkwalker's deep social listening and AI analytics capabilities to uncover the 10 most impactful social media trends expected in 2023 and demonstrate how consumers are driving and leading the trends. The report also features input from industry experts such as Rosalva Rivera, UPS Marketing Director for Mexico and Latin America , Rebeca Ricoy, Duolingo Regional Marketing Director, and Ana Marín, Content Marketing Managers Coordinator at Coppel SA de CV El fin de la cookie era, consumers less trackable The final end of third-party cookies will make content less specific and consumers maintain their privacy, taking into account the innovations of the Brave browser or Apple's privacy settings that affect social networks such as Facebook, marks a difficult scenario for monitoring consumers during 2023. Reimagining consumers as communities Influencers, content creators, even employees, are being harnessed to create natural and genuine interactions, with localized content and experiences personalized by and for audiences. The Race for the Metaverse The metaverse is beginning to take shape, with events, families, and even governments entering the realm of Virtual Reality. We will also see further growth of meta monetization. A sustainable future Brands, consumers and society in general are more concerned with sustainability. Reselling and upselling will increase on social media , while brand messaging will focus more on inclusion, social responsibility, and environmental issues . Decentralizing the network Consumers will have the opportunity to expand their data rights, increase their data security, data literacy, the power of the platform, regulation of the same, misinformation and disobedience, radicalization, the role of algorithms in daily life, online happiness, toxicity and bullying. A New Standard in Social Media channels will follow the growing norms and concerns of consumers, continuing to address issues such as fake news, deepfakes, and cybersecurity. More authenticity and integrity is expected on both platforms and the brands that use them. Also check descargar videos de twitter Multi-sensory social networks Social networks will grow as a mix of media, to create an experience for each consumer. Brands will not be able to focus on a single type of format, but will offer short, long, video, audio, visual and even gamification content. A shake up in online shopping The way consumers shop through social media will continue to change. On some platforms, we will see increased focus, while others will withdraw their efforts as they move closer to understanding consumer needs. Cryptocurrencies will also grow in importance, with widespread use possible if they can overcome the hurdle of social commerce. The customer experience becomes even more social Brands are focusing their conversations where their consumers are, with a greater commitment to customer service on social media. The continued impact of the social climate Brands will have to become more empathetic to social changes, while certain marketing techniques will increase, fueled by nostalgia and meme culture. The year 2023 is envisioned as a year in which brands must permeate customer service throughout their entire structure, while generating digital experiences that are memorable. The report is carried out within the framework of the announcement of the strategic association of companies to offer deep social listening and adequate management of social networks through a joint experience.