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Imagine waking up every day in a different 16 year old's body. Black, white, Hispanic. Male, female. Rich, poor, and every kind of in between. A has become used to it, and knows the rules-no interfering in his host's life, just getting through the 24 hours until the new host wakes up. But one day he meets Rhiannon, his host body's girlfriend and all the rules are tossed aside. David Levithan's book is the most popular book in my library for 2 years running. I book talk it like a preacher, and then kids share it with their friends. I'm putting it with the realistic fiction book trailers because it deals with serious problems like drinking, drugs, sex, and suicide. It's a beautiful book about what we mean when we say we love someone--would it matter if that someone was male or female? Black or white? Appropriate for grades 7 and up.
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Wow this is really interesting, I might pick it up. I have no idea how I would handle that but I want to know a bit more about the context to understand...hmm. Thanks! This is intriguing.