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Watch Anime From Across The Web On One App
KissAnime GogoAnime Anime TV is a video app that serves as a portal to two popular websites to watch anime, KissAnime and GogoAnime. The user can browse the catalogues for each website, find new anime, and watch them on demand via streaming video.
Flicking through the channels, with anime
KissAnime GogoAnime Anime TV offers most but not all of the features of its component websites, using a video player that is similar to theirs but that does not always include updates that KissAnime and GogoAnime make to their individual services. Despite that, virtually every anime available on either site is available here, and often with multiple language and voice options, too, giving it a wider selection than either site individually.
Checking it all out
In summary, KissAnime GogoAnime Anime TV offers the experience of the two websites that provide its content, with most of the same features and a few small rough edges besides. Though using individual services and their apps might be better in some cases, KissAnime GogoAnime Anime TV is useful if you want to have access to several websites worth of anime with one tap.