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Footage of Ryder Hesjedal has gone viral with cyclists of all denominations and many are questioning whether the Garmin Sharp team rider was cheating during the Vuelta de España. The clip in question shows Ryder crashing while cornering on a descent. While he is getting up his bike begins to spin in a circular motion on the pavement. The cause is most certainly because the back wheel of the bike is spinning, everyone agrees with that. However, people are questioning whether or not there is a motor in his bike. Many people are accusing Ryder of using a device used to assist the back wheel of his bike. A motorized device of some kind. Articles like this have been popping up:!bP3SyW Of course, the issue of a "doped bike" has been controversial for awhile. There have been numerous accusations via articles and videos allegedly showing Fabian Cancellara's doped bike: Others, such as myself, vehemently dispute the claims, calling this a simple act of physics. A light bike + a spinning rear wheel = movement! Here is a video explanation that has stemmed from the controversy: What do you guys think?
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I think the accusers are grasping at straws. Unless someone has come up with some kind of a mircomotor capable of powering anything larger than an electric razor (which I doubt), then I don't see how such a motor would be effective enough to justify the risk of getting caught using in a race. I may be wrong but I've seen the effects of a spinning wheel in a bicycle that lay on its side, and I don't think he has any secret, hidden motor.