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Don't forget to follow our other card in Ep 1 Live Recap (http://www.vingle.net/posts/45387 ) Ep 1 Viki Video with subs (http://www.vingle.net/posts/45359 ) Ep 2 Preview (http://www.vingle.net/posts/45528 ) Ep 2 Live Recap (http://www.vingle.net/posts/45424 ) Ep 2 Viki Video with subs (http://www.vingle.net/posts/45542 ) Ep 3 Preview (http://www.vingle.net/posts/45804 ) Ep 3 Live Recap (http://www.vingle.net/posts/46923 ) Ep 3 Viki Video with subs (http://www.vingle.net/posts/46815 ) Ep 4 Preview (http://www.vingle.net/posts/47086 ) Ep 4 Live Recap (http://www.vingle.net/posts/47089 ) Ep 5 Preview (http://www.vingle.net/posts/47399 ) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- cast : Sulli FX as Goo Jae Hee Minho Shinee as Kang Tae Joon Lee Hyun Woo as Cha En Gyol Kim Ji Won as Seol Han Na Seo Jun Yong as Ha SeungRi ___________________________________________________ Starting now Jaehee was leaving the school carrying her luggage. Taejoon was in the room looking at the bracelet once given to him by Jaehee. When he open his computer, he found the video made by Jaehee. About she once an ugly duck, being played at school from being different. then she saw Taejoon competition and feel she found strength. She also attend athletic competition with Taejoon motto in heart. In the end of the video, she said she want to help Taejoon comeback to high jump. Jaehee was in Sangchu (the dog) house and crying. She said if it was a mistake for her to come and help him. She remeber the time she saw news about Taejoon's slump and her decision to become boy and help him. Taejoon was remembering all the support given bu AJehee all this time. Then he run out of the room and caught Jaehee's hand. Taejoon said "u said u want to say me jumping, ru going to just leave?" JAehee said "Taejoon?" Taejoon said" Don't go Jaehee" Eungyo was in the room thinking about his heart beating time with Jaehee. He want to ask Hyonjae about wanting to get near boys. But just being shy and syop asking. Hyonjae who was curious by his question being worried and covered his body. Taejoon was entering the bathroom accidently when Jaehee was taking a bath. He stopped himseld and remembered the first bathroom scene Jaehee woke up and found out Teajoon already out Taejoon was running and when he took brake, he looked at the ring in his necklace and said yu will protect me, right? Taejoon was looking at the high jump rope and calculating his jum. But he failed once again but his expression was nice Jaehee found out that the bathroom door is fixed. Eungyol and Seungri come and found out the door is locked. Eungyol complained to JAehee later about it Jaehee almost fell down in stair, Eungyol caught her and fely his heart flutter again. Taejoon who was practising being asked to leave by Hyonjae. They almost got into fight but then the coach stopped them. The coach said Teajoon can't stop and start again as easy like he thinks. Taejoon just said sorry and left. Eungyol and Jaehee was on walk. Both of them got call in order and just decline them. Taejoon went to see his manager and said he will start practising again. His manager said she against it afraid that he can't go back to his gold time. Taejoon said he just want to jump again. His manager asked if he already discuss it with his father, but he said his father is no one. His manager said if he have self confidence. Taejoon said yes. His manager agree and told him to be better than before Hanna once again sneaked into Taejoon's school. With her gymnastic skill(spiderman look alike), she got into Taejoon's room. She put her photo next to Taejoon photo in is desk and found the bracelet. Jaehee come and got surprised. Hanna mentioned to her about her missing clothes. Jaehee got flustered and defensed the thief which was she. Eungyol was waiting for a blind date. A fat girl said hello from a far and Eungyol was surprised, luckliy it's not his date. A cute girl come and Eungyol feel relieved . Jaehee returned the clothes to Hanna's car. Jaehee was declining her brother's phone when her brother saw it. her brother got angry and said he will talk to the principal. he found a teacher and talked in english about her disguise, but the teacher didn't uderstand . Jaehee took him away and saw the doctor. She called him and said to his brother he was the teacher in charge. the guys who saw Jaehee and his brother fighting talking about them. Jaehee asked the doctor to help her. The doctor agreed to help her and meet her brother. The doctor start to avert the brother's attention. he asked about the brother's perfume and drinking skill. Eungyol and the girl who was his childhood frind was talking beside the river. The girl who likes to fight when she was little majored in music. Eungyol didn't believe and the girl toook out her violin and play for her. .The rumour about Teajoon coming back is spreading through the school. After practising, Jaehee welcomed him with a sneakers cake. Jaehee fell down and fell on the cake. Taejoon was happy about that and willing to take a wish on the cake. Eungyol was waiting the bus with the girl. When the girl get into the bus, she correct the word from one of Eungyol twitter. Eungyol was left with happy mood. The doctor and brother had drink together. The doctor asked if the brother need to take JAehee with him. The doctor told the brother to believe in Jaehee and asked the brother to trust Jaehee. Next morning, the coach found the gym was cleaned . Jaehee found Taejoon's necklace in the washer. Taejoon just come and took the necklace. Jaehee asked about t later and Taejoon said it was his mother. His mother gave it to him to represnt his mother when she was sick in the hospital. JAehee want to follow Taejoon but was stopped by her brother. Taejoon looked behind and see Jaehee was talking with her brother and got curious. Jaehee brother said she is okay but told her she have to go with him after watching him jump in next wook competition. Jaehee found her sport uniform was wet. Taejoon was bringing the ball for Jaehee and as thank you she will but some drink for Taejoon. Jungmin give Eungyo some chocolate for Eungyol who was practising . Jaehee was smelling Taejoon's shiryt when he walked in on him. She said she just want to help Taejoon do laundry. Eungyo who was on the laundry room got message from the girl. Jaehee come and surprised him. Jaehee asked what if he disguise himself and enter the girl dormitory. Eungyol imagine it and got happy. Jaehee asked about his date and said he was happy. Eungyol share his chocolate and Jungmin who saw it got unhappy. Hanna talked with his friend and found out today was 29th. Jaehee tried to stop Taejoon who was preparing to go out. But Teajoon just said not to wait for him. Taejoon got into his house and found her mom shadow in the garden. It was his mother death anniversary. After having the ceremont, he was eating with his father. when his father start to talk about his return, Taejoon just got up and leave. His father asked if he still blame him for his mother's death. Hanna suddenly come and broke the atmosphere. Hanna want to talk with Taejoon but Taejoon just left. Eungyol come to Jaehee room to brush his teeth, Eungyol told her it was his mother death anniversary. A message come from Taejoon asking Jaehee to meet him in the swimming pool. She told Eungyol about it and left. JAehee went into the swimming pool. Eungyol who saw Taejoon come alone asked about JAehee. Taejoon remmebred Jaehee told him about hwer wet uniform run to rescue her. Jaehee got into the jump platform then somebody pushed her. she was floating when Taejoon and Eungyo come to save her. Taejoon's necklace fell into the pool when he tried to save her. Eungyol tried to give Jaehee CPR but hesitated. Taejoon saw it and do it instead of him. He saved her. In the room, they talked about the happening and said they had to put a top on it before it got worse. Jaehee found out Taejoon's necaklace is missing and asked him about him. Jaehee asked if he lost it in the swimming pool. Taejoon said not to worry but he looked upset . Eungyol was thinking about his hesitation giving Jaehee's CPR. Taejoon woke up by the alarm and found out Jaehee is already gone. Jaehee was in the pool looking for the necklace. Taejoon come and took her off . He got angry and pulled her out. Teajoon said not to care about it. But Jaehee just said sorry and said it's her fault. Taejoon said it's not her fault and not to worry. The coach found Teajoon and asked his reason to comeback. Taejoon said he found reason to jump. the coach told him to win the competition and he will consider it again. Seungri meet mit Jaehee who carried food to see Taejoon. Jaehee saw Taejoon who was practising hard and got touched. Jaehee was packing her luggage. Eungyol said to Jaehee he can't see Taejoon's competition and asked her to cheer instead him. Jaehee just hug him from behind and say thank you for everything On the competition day, Taejoon found Jaehee note who said she go back to America and can't see his cometition. she give him her shoe lace . THE END Next episode preview. Jaehee was back again in the school. But Seungri and Eungyol know about her disguise. And Jaehee and Teajoon get closer and closer. And JAehee attend a singing festival
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