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Kim Hee-seon's name tag was caught on camera. The viewers of the SBS drama "Faith" opened their eyes wide even in scenes that would be easy to miss. Kim Hee-seon is a plastic surgeon in the drama and she reminisced about the past when she was a medical school intern and was dumped by her crush and senior (Ahn Jae-wook). There was a small name tag on the gown she was wearing and it was a picture of high school student Kim Hee-seon. This name tag was attached by the waist so it would've been easy to miss unless it was a full shot but those who love Kim Hee-seon managed to capture the picture at the single second moment she raised her arm. Her beauty was once again acknowledged through the picture. She doesn't look any different from now and was as beautiful as ever. Viewers say, "Pretty people don't change. It's absurb", "She's the same but in uniform", "Are you sure it's an old picture?", "She looks great in the drama too" and more.
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i don't think she did any plastic surgery on her face, she looks the same, it's only that she's gotten older, you can see it through her skin.. i was curious to compare the before and after pic or vid of her as i don't know her before, that's why i'm watching sad love story now.. and i can say the her face is all natural..please correct me if i'm wrong...^^