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Feeling confident after a special cameo appearance on KBS’ Unexpected You, CN Blue’s Lee Jung Shin is taking up the challenge and acting in KBS’s upcoming drama My Daughter So Young. In My Daughter So Young, Lee Jung Shin will play a haughty high school student who spends more time on his looks than in books. Although he’s last place in school, Lee Jung Shin finds the motivation to escape being last when he falls in love with his tutor, So Young, played by actress Lee Bo Young. On his acting role, Lee Jung Shin said that he’s always longed to act in a drama. “I feel at home on the set since I’ve visited the other CN Blue members a lot when they were filming for their dramas. I always knew that a chance for me to act would come, so I prepared myself.” “I find a lot of similiarities between myself and Kang Sung Jae. I’m also the youngest in my family and have a lot of aegyo as if I was a daughter,” shared Lee Jung Shin on his new role. “I plan on showing a lot of affection towards my drama mother (Kim Hae Ock).” “I hope it becomes a national drama with more than 40 percent ratings.” My Daughter So Young is about a daughter who cuts ties with her poor family in order to succeed in fulfilling her dreams. The first episode will air on September 15.
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AWESOME!! Can't Wait to see Jung Shin playing another Character! I Just Saw him in 'My Husband Got a Famly' and he nail it even though it was just a small role!