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Opening the NY Fashion week show for lingerie label Chromat, designed by Becca McCharen, is plus-sized model Denise Bidot. Backstage, Bidot expresses her delight in the girls she modeled with. "It was just a bunch of beautiful women. There shouldn't be one size when it comes to runway models." Bidot is no stranger to the modeling industry, having modeled for nearly 8 years including most recently for a campaign with Forever 21. She is now the face of brands like Levis, Kohls, and Macy's and is booked for even more shows in international fashion weeks. She hopes that this is a sign of the industry changing to celebrate all kinds of beauty. With Bidot leading the way, perhaps it is finally time that the industry that aims to make people beautiful redefines their 'slim' definition of beauty. As Bidot excellent puts it, "there's no wrong way to be a woman."
definitely beauty comes in all sizes
This is great! Confidence is what makes a woman beautiful!
I hope this finally makes the fashion world change their ridiculous standards. More girls need to people like Bidot as a role model.
hell yes! this is so awesome, body positive representation on the runway is exactly what we need!
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