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Musk deal could see Trump back on Twitter by midterms

Elon Musk’s decision this week to once again move forward with his deal to acquire Twitter could see the return to the platform of former President Donald Trump, once the world’s most influential tweeter.
While Trump has previously said he would stay on his own social media platform, Truth Social, rather than return to Twitter, the former president may find the lure of tens of millions of Twitter followers difficult to resist.
“I do think it was not correct to ban Donald Trump; I think that was a mistake,” Musk said at a conference in May, pledging to reverse the ban were he to become the company’s owner.

Despite agreeing to take over the company earlier this year, Musk soured on the idea over the summer and spent months battling to get out of it. Twitter sued him to force him to complete the deal. His U-turn and decision to go ahead with buying the company came to light in a securities filing Tuesday, just two weeks before he and Twitter are due to go to court.
Twitter said Tuesday it was intent on closing the deal, opening the possibility that Musk could take over the company within weeks, if the deal is completed. The company’s board and shareholders had previously approved the deal, but uncertainties remain. Twitter will have to decide how to play ball with Musk, taking into account his prior waffling on the deal — a negotiation process that could come down to how to ensure the world’s richest man will actually cut a check this time.
If the deal goes through, it could soon return to Trump what was once his preferred social media platform. Trump, whose tweets as president often drove the agenda in Washington, DC, had almost 90 million followers before he was banned permanently by the platform two days after the January 6 attack on the Capitol. (It’s unclear whether Trump would automatically regain his followers if unbanned.) Twitter said it made the decision “due to the risk of further incitement of violence.”
Speaking in May, a few weeks after he began his bid to take over Twitter, Musk argued, “Banning Trump from Twitter didn’t end Trump’s voice, it will amplify it among the right and this is why it’s morally wrong and flat out stupid.” (Musk has also said he’s against permanent bans more broadly, which could open the door for far-right personalities and conspiracy theorists to return to the platform.)
Jack Dorsey, who was the CEO of Twitter when the company banned Trump but has since left the company, responded to Musk’s comments saying he agreed that there should not be permanent bans. He said Trump’s ban was a “business decision” and it “shouldn’t have been.”
Musk’s comments came just as Trump was about to begin posting on his own social media platform, Truth Social. Trump told Fox News at the time that he would not return to Twitter, even if he were allowed.
“I am not going on Twitter, I am going to stay on Truth,” Trump told Fox News. He added, “I hope Elon buys Twitter because he’ll make improvements to it and he is a good man, but I am going to be staying on Truth.”
But relations between the pair seem to have soured since, with the men publicly trading barbs over the summer. After Trump called Musk a “bullsh*t artist” at a rally in July, Musk responded by tweet, writing, “I don’t hate the man, but it’s time for Trump to hang up his hat & sail into the sunset.” 
Trump has not commented on Musk’s decision to revive the deal this week.
Trump’s potential return to Twitter comes just a few months before he could also be allowed to return to Meta’s Facebook and Instagram. Unlike Twitter, which said it had permanently banned Trump, Meta (formerly Facebook) said it would review its ban after two years – meaning the former president could be returning to its platforms as soon as January 2023, just as the next presidential race is set to begin.

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Tesla reports more than $1 billion in profit for first time
Tesla has blown the past expectations with its Q2 earnings results, making a net profit of more than $1 billion for the first time. It is 10 times up high from $104 million, the last year’s Tesla earnings as the revenues doubled to $12 billion. Tesla reported in its second-quarter letter to investors, “Public sentiment and support for electric vehicles seems to be at a never-before-seen inflection point.” Tesla was able to log the profitability for the eighth time amidst the supply chain challenges and its Bitcoin investment losses. Elon Musk said, “The Company’s biggest challenge is the supply chain, especially microcontroller chips.” However, Tesla reported that it produced 206,000 vehicles during the second quarter. Among those, it delivered 201,250 vehicles, recording 9 percent higher than the Q1. Despite supply chain upheaval it navigated through the global chip-shortage as Tesla’s profit surpassed a three comma threshold. Tesla’s Q2 earnings pushed its share prices up by more than 2.2% after hours trading. The shortage of microchips has hammered the automotive industry globally. The production plans, supply chain, and net incomes have been hit hard since the pandemic. Supply chain disruptions and congestion at ports were the two notable factors that affected Tesla’s earnings. It also remarked that these challenges will further impact operations and delivery growth rate in 2021. Due to supply chain challenges, Tesla also said to delay the launch of Semi truck to 2022. Tesla Semi was unveiled in 2017 and the production was scheduled for 2019. However, it confirmed that due to less availability of battery cells and supply chain delays, the launch of the Semi truck will be delayed. The company announced, “With global vehicle demand at record levels, component supply will have a strong influence on the rate of our delivery growth for the rest of this year.” Elon Musk said, “Fear of running out is causing every company to over-order — like the toilet paper shortage, but at epic scale.” Tesla now tops a market value of around $620 billion, 14 times high as compared to its company’s worth two years ago. According to Forbes, Elon Musk is the third-largest fortune at an estimated $163 billion. With the rising demand for electric vehicles, Analysts have cautioned that Tesla might face competition from market players like Ford Motor Co. But, beating such concerns, Musk remains the bull in the automotive industry and the recent Tesla earnings explain why.
Gain medium
In laser physics, the laser gain medium is the medium (usually in the form of a beam of light) that enhances the power of light. In lasers, this medium is required to compensate for the loss of the resonant cavity and is often referred to as the high energy laser medium. Gain media can also be applied to optical fiber amplifiers. Gain refers to the level of amplification. Since the gain medium increases the power of the amplified beam, the medium itself needs to receive the energy, i.e., through the pumping process, which generally progresses to either existing (electric pumping) or input light wave (optical pumping), and the pump wavelength is smaller than that of the signal light. Type of laser gain medium There are many types of gain media. The usual is: 1. Some direct bandgap semiconductors, such as GaAs, AlGaAs, and InGaAs, are usually pumped by electric currents in the form of quantum Wells (see semiconductor lasers). 2. Laser crystal or glass, such as Nd: YAG(neodymium-doped Yttrium aluminum garnet, see Yttrium aluminum garnet laser), Yb: YAG(Ytterbium-doped garnet laser), Yb: glass, Er: YAG(Erbium-doped YAG) or titanium sapphire, in solid sheet form (see doped lasers) or optical glass fiber (fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers). These crystals or glasses are doped with laser-active ions (mainly trivalent rare earth ions, which sometimes transfer metal ions) and pumped with light waves. Lasers using these media are often described as doped insulator lasers 3. Rare earth ions are usually added to ceramic gain media Laser dyes, usually liquid solutions, are used in color lasers Gas lasers utilize multiple gases or mixtures of gases, usually pumped by discharge tools (such as CO2 and excimer lasers) 4. The unique gain retarder consists of a chemical gain retarder (which converts chemical energy into light), a nuclear pump retarder, and an oscillator in a completely free electron laser (which transfers energy from a fast electron beam to a beam).
Tesla Model S Price in India: Is it worth the Price Tag?
Tesla Model S Price in India- Introducing 799 MEP Upgrade When Tesla Model S Price in India first started designing, they released the first vehicles of their kind onto the public. It was thrilling and thrilling, and it remains - not only does it offer an exhilarating driving experience on long road trips, but it's also very futuristic. Tesla started upgrading their Model S by introducing the 799-horsepower - an upgrade for this particular Model that wants to overtake the most potent gasoline cars. With that power, this vehicle will cross country at up to 200 miles per hour or travel through low-flying mountain terrain at barely any speed lost. Find out more about these upgrades and how they'll change your night driving experiences in this article! Tesla has finally added a new feature to its most sought-after vehicle, the Model S! They have updated their famous cars Equipped with what is becoming a rare skill in 2017 - expedited development and launching! Welcome to this exciting game-changer. What is the Tesla Upgrades Model S? The Tesla Upgrades Model S is an assortment of features designed to improve the owner's experience. They are available through Tesla service centers or ordered online. It includes various creature comforts, including but not limited to automatic windshield wipers, wireless charging, premium piano black leather interior, heated windshield Tesla introduced the upgraded Model S has recently. This massive renovation entirely focuses on enhancing the luxury vehicle's performance and results in no further customization opportunities. Highlights of the upgrade include a new torque sensor, high-efficiency air conditioning, and a two-inch taller ride, as well as upgraded infotainment and the personal interface system. The Tesla Upgrades Model S can now match any other luxury car by delivering unparalleled performance. After a slew of upgrades, Tesla is preparing to reintroduce a new SUV – the Model S – that will come equipped with a four-wheel-drive system. This electric motor houses its batteries and will only be capable of accelerating as fast as your current car can go. Climbing: Tesla's Decision to Increase Power Tesla understands the level of service they offer is a cornerstone in their mission to reduce global warming gases. Thus they have recently announced a new line of energy storage upgrades. To minimize vibrations in acceleration and elevation changes, Tesla implemented a new dampening system for the Model S. Part of the system includes a giant pendulum that weighs approximately 18 pounds. The power capacity increase would fall between 21–28% in a 0-60 mph dash. Other features in this stage include a new inverter, motor, and full-size capacitor by GTM. Capacitor installed on all units after January 9th Tesla is committed to improving the quality of life for its customers, and that's why it recently announced a free upgrade with 799 MPGe, starting this month. Pros and Cons of the Tesla up speeds Tesla cars have always been known for their safety and efficiency. One of Tesla's newest models with a 799 MEP upgrade is a car that allows future drives with remapped automation, a self-steering camera, and more innovative connected features. Tesla, the company, has recently released an announcement regarding its newest Model S engine. The 799MPH range is what they are calling the beginning of the "Tesla really just keeps innovating" movement. This upgrade breakthrough proves many previous beliefs wrong, including Tesla's claim that their cars were "killing" gas stations. Just updated the Tesla S was to 799 mph, which means it could drive the distance of almost 1 mile in just under nine blinkers. The new fast speed comes with many benefits and cons. The high rates are only available during periods without traffic, so you can't go very far or quickly. Still, it is significantly less dangerous than having an accident at regular speeds. Drivers fall asleep faster because they travel slower at night, so they don't have to worry about speeding tickets or having accidents. Turns out people are crazy about their cars! Tesla announced Monday the rollout of their new 799-horsepower enhance to the Model S, with many people deciding to order this upgrade. The biggest issue for the safety of Tesla Model S Price in Indian owners is how much oversight safety levels by Tesla will take place during installation. Climbing the Electrified Car to Save On Battery Cost Tesla is making significant upgrades to its popular Model S. The $2,000 battery pack upgrade helps the company save up to $15 per kilowatt-hour on electricity per year. That equates to savings of $120,000 after the first six years and over $1 million over ten years for Tesla owners who standardize their charging habits. Tesla is introducing a new model in 2016, the Model S P100D. The Mercedes-Benz luxury sedan will upgrade to the 799 MEP model that uses less battery capacity yet packs in more power than its predecessors. Tesla Models S is receiving a considerable feature upgrade. The latest promotion from the Tesla Model S Price in India that uses a Li-ion or Li-Poly battery with a capacity of 95/135kwh establishes the car as one of the safest and most efficient globally. Tesla says, "the 799mAh battery enhancement allows for improved computing power and efficiencies which saves up to 30% of total cost." The Future of Electrified Cars Tesla Model S Price in India continues to push the limits of the automobile market with the newest technological breakthroughs in their vehicles. Tesla has recently released an upgrade for the Model S that offers more torque for your Model S. The Tesla Model S in the millions is inextricably linked with Tesla's very vision of future automotive design and engineering technology. Tesla Motors is steadily making their vehicles even safer. Their most recent technology upgrade has allowed them to have a 799-MEP, lower center of gravity, and flush wheel arches for a smoother ride. With all this added safety Tesla's new self-driving capabilities will allow motorists to complete ten passenger trips with just one driver, proving that they are genuinely the safest cars on the road. Conclusion The introduction of an entry-level Tesla Model S Price in India has been a big hit. Thousands have pre-booked Tesla Model S 75D with a 50% deposit, and it will be available on July 31st. Let it be known that the price in India starts at Rs 95,756. Today, the Tesla Model S starts at an impressive INR 72.3 lakh (the US $1,320), but Tesla gives some life to their cars by introducing the new Tesla Model S with improved battery power. Customers can pay $5990 to upgrade their existing vehicle to 799 MPGe in the year 2018! For more details visit- THE TECHJOURNAL
TESLA Biggest Competitors
Nissan Nissan being a top Tesla contender is a transnational machine manufacturer and is popular for being the largest manufacturer of electric vehicles. With invention in its products and services, Nissan offers a different range of brands in further than 191 countries across the world. With global deals of further than,000 EV as of April 2018, Nissan is no doubt a leading electric vehicles manufacturer. Japanese manufacturer Nissan is looking to launch completely independent vehicle by 2020. According to Nissan Intelligent Mobility, humans will be a part of flawless driving experience where Nissan client will feel more freedom and auto will come their mates. Toyota Toyota is a transnational automotive manufacturing company headquartered in Japan; This Motor Corporation is popular for manufacturing vehicles that meet the conditions of the guests. As of September 2018, Toyota is ranked the sixth largest company in the world and produces further than 10 million vehicles every time. substantially because of its designing and reachability, Toyota is considered to be one of the top most challengers for Tesla. FORD Ford is a transnational machine company which is engaged in the manufacturing and selling of motorcars and marketable vehicles. The quality of service in terms of manufacture, design, deals and service is extremely high as its focus is to ameliorate client satisfaction. The company utilizes colorful innovative technologies to manufacture its vehicles on with fastening on CO2 emigrations to be its sustainability strategy. Ford Motor is rendered to be a strong contender of Tesla. Ford is just one of many Tesla Competitors, click the link to see the tesla competitors table. BMW Bayerische Motoren Werke( BMW) is also a transnational machine manufacturing company and is ranked to be the twelfth in the world for manufacturing vehicles. BMW is known for its brand performance which renders it to be amongst the toughest challengers of Tesla. BMW i is a sub brand on BMW which is innovated in 2011 and responsible for designing and manufacturing of mongrel and electric vehicles. BMW i deals reached to 50000 units in 2016. The BMW i3 Model came the 3rd bestselling electric auto in the world. iNext is the tone- driving auto and the company is looking for listed product in 2021. Honda Honda is another top contender of Tesla and is famed for manufacturing motorcars, aircraft, motorcycles, and power outfits. Honda Motors offers services that are visionary, complete as well as professional to its guests. The company makes use of the most advanced technology for the manufacturing of their vehicles which has also led to the growth of its deals. Audi The mongrel and electric series of Audi includes innovative technology which enables druggies to drive with comfort and ease. Especially thee-tron model of Audi can travel up to 150 long hauls when it's completely charged. Equipped with the rearmost technologies, Audi’se-Tron is the top most challengers of Tesla motorcars. General Motors General Motors offer services to its guests on the base of design, manufacture as well as performance of its machine brands. Because of its client service and global reach, General Motors is also in the list of top challengers of Tesla. tone- driving technology is a not a myth presently. GM acquired voyage robotization a San Francisco grounded tone- driving Startup, in 2016. The main purpose of this accession is to develop tone- driving auto it the near future. circular Challengers Tesla is also an circular contender of Uber and Google. This is because Tesla, Uber and Google are working on tone- driving auto systems which means that Uber and Google are circular challengers of Tesla. Uber Uber is another circular contender of Tesla substantially because of the conception of tone-driving buses which is part of the company's thing to come to a complete result for powering original commerce across the globe. The survival of Uber is grounded upon the conception of Robotaxi and has analogous followership like that of Tesla. Google Google and Tesla have been rendered to be the boldest when the question is of tone- driving technology. Waymo is a tone- driving technology company began by Google as a tone- driving auto design. Google has entered into a cooperation with tech titans like Page 1 of 2 Toyota, Ford, General Motors, Volkswagen, and Daimler to put tone- driving conception into reality whereas, Tesla the completely automatic vehicle that's anticipated to launch in near future.
What is Elon Musk's Worth In 2022
SpaceX CEO Elon Reeve Musk is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our age. He founded SpaceX and is currently CEO and chief engineer. Besides running SpaceX, he is also the founder and CEO of Tesla Inc. He is also the co-founder of Neuralink and OpenAI. As of 2018, Musk has a net worth of $2.2 billion. His estimated worth is determined by evaluating his companies and their potential to change the world. Musk's wealth is based on the value of his companies and the market cap of the companies. He has been successful in launching several groundbreaking companies that have changed the way technology works. He has also invested the capital from his big wins in other ventures that were more difficult to create. His incredible energy, innovation, and mental curiosity are what have made him one of the world's most wealthy individuals. As of 2022, his net worth will reach $241 billion according to Forbes' real-time billionaire tracker. However, in January Elon Musk Reached $236 Billion as the world's richest man. While Elon Musk has a lot of accomplishments, his biggest mistake has been his lack of success in business. His shady business tactics have made him appear less than reliable. In the past, he has failed to make a profit on Tesla, but still has a net worth of $241 billion, according to Forbes' real-time billionaire tracker. And while the market is suffering, it has been a good year for Musk. Despite the stock market's volatility, he has managed to build a huge empire and is now regarded as the world's richest man. However, Musk's net worth is not as large as the most famous billionaires. He currently holds 177.7 million shares of Tesla, which will lower his net worth in 2022. Forbes' real-time billionaire tracker puts Musk's wealth at $241 billion. The volatility of Tesla stock has weakened the value of the company and lowered Musk's wealth. In the past year, he has fluctuated between number one and number two. Nevertheless, he has managed to overtake Jeff Bezos for the #1 spot. Although the market is a good place to invest money, it is also important to keep in mind that Elon Musk's net worth is not that high. The only company with a more than three-hundred billion dollar market cap is Apple. That is the same amount as the 10 largest automakers in the world. If the two companies are sold at the same price, they will generate a huge profit. Tesla shares have dropped over the last year. This has caused investors to question whether billionaires are paying their fair share of taxes. But Musk said on Twitter that he will pay $11 billion in taxes in 2021, putting him among the most powerful people in the history of the US. This is an extremely high number, even for an investor who has a few hundred million dollars, but it is still a good figure.
TWITTER NEWS: ఎలాన్ మస్క్ సలహాదారుగా భారతీయుడు..ఎవరతను?
ట్విటర్‌ కొత్త యజమాని ఎలాన్‌ మస్క్‌ సంచలన నిర్ణయాలు తీసుకుంటున్నారు. రూ.3.3 లక్షల కోట్లతో ఈ సంస్థను కొనుగోలు చేసి అనూహ్యమైన నిర్ణయాలు తీసుంటూ ఆ సంస్థ ఉద్యోగులకు కంటిమీద కునుకులేకుండా చేస్తున్నారు. మస్క్‌ ట్విటర్‌ను కొనుగోలు చేసిన తర్వాత తొలి రోజే ఆ సంస్థ సీఈవో పరాగ్ అగర్వాల్‌, లీగల్‌ ఎగ్జిక్యూటివ్‌ విజయ గద్దెను తొలగించారు. అలాగే ఆ సంస్థ సీఎఫ్‌వో నెడ్‌ సెగల్‌, జనరల్‌ కౌన్సిల్‌ సీన్‌ ఎడ్జెట్‌ సహా మరికొంత మంది టాప్‌ ఎగ్జిక్యూటివ్ లకు ఉద్వాసన పలికారు. యూజర్ల ట్వీట్లు 280 పదాలు మించకూడదు. అయితే ఇప్పుడు ట్వీట్ లో పదాల సంఖ్యను పెంచాలనుకుంటున్నారు. ఈ నిర్ణయాలన్నీ చర్చాంశనీయంగా మారాయి. అయితే ట్విటర్‌పై మస్క్‌ నిర్ణయాల వెనుక భారతీయుడు శ్రీరామ్ కృష్ణన్ ఉన్నారట. మస్క్‌కు తాత్కాలికంగా సహాయం చేస్తున్నట్లు శ్రీరామ్ ట్వీట్‌ చేశారు. తాను కొంతమంది గొప్ప వ్యక్తులతో కలిసి మస్క్‌కి సహాయం చేస్తున్నానని వెల్లడించారు. తన నిర్ణయాలు ప్రపంచంపై, ఎలాన్‌ మస్క్‌పై తీవ్ర ప్రభావాన్ని చూపగలవని నమ్ముతున్నాను అని ట్వీట్‌లో పేర్కొన్నారు. ఎవరీ శ్రీరామ్? శ్రీరామ్ కృష్ణన్ స్వస్థలం చెన్నై. 2001-2005 మధ్య అన్నా యూనివర్సిటీ పరిధిలోని ఎస్‌ఆర్‌ఎం ఇంజినీరింగ్‌ కాలేజ్‌ నుంచి బ్యాచిలర్‌ డిగ్రీ పూర్తి చేశారు. అనంతరం మైక్రోసాఫ్ట్‌లో విజువల్‌ స్టూడియో విభాగంలో ప్రోగ్రాం మేనేజర్‌గా కెరియర్‌ ప్రారంభించారు .ఆ తర్వాత డైరెక్ట్ రెస్పాన్స్ యాడ్స్ బిజినెస్, డిస్‌ప్లే అడ్వర్టైజింగ్‌లో అతిపెద్ద నెట్‌వర్క్‌లలో ఒకటైన మెటా , స్నాప్‌లలో ఆడియన్స్ నెట్‌వర్క్‌ ల్లో పనిచేయడంతోపాటు, వివిధ మొబైల్ యాడ్‌ ప్రొడక్ట్‌లను తయారు చేశారు. ఓ వైపు దిగ్గజ కంపెనీల్లో ప్రాజెక్ట్‌లు చేస్తూనే వెంచర్‌ క్యాప్టలిస్ట్‌గా శ్రీరామ్ ఎదిగారు. 2021 ప్రారంభంలో కృష్ణన్ భార్య ఆర్తి రామమూర్తి స్టార్టప్‌ల నుంచి వెంచర్ క్యాపిటలిజం, క్రిప్టో కరెన్సీలపై క్లబ్‌హౌస్ టాక్ షోను ప్రారంభించారు. ఆర్తి రామమూర్తి హోస్ట్‌గా వ్యవహరించిన ఆ షోకి ఎలాన్‌ మస్క్‌ గెస్ట్‌గా హాజరయ్యారు. సోషల్‌ మీడియా దిగ్గజ కంపెనీల్లో పనిచేసిన అనుభవం ఉండటంతో శ్రీరామ్ కృష్ణన్ నుంచి ఎలాన్ మస్క సలహాలు, సూచనలను తీసుకుంటున్నారు. Follow this link for more updates:-
A Comprehensive Guide to Tesla Maintenance in Dubai
Getting your Tesla serviced regularly is vital. However, did you know that there are many other services you can carry out in between your routine Tesla maintenance? Have a look at our comprehensive guide to understand how to get your Tesla maintenance In Dubai. There are a lot of modern automotive solutions in this region, like MySyara. However, quality assurance and trust are what you need with automotive maintenance. That’s precisely what you get with Service My Car. Get a Tesla AC repair in Dubai Having a weak AC in your Tesla can be a severe issue in a region like Dubai. While newer models from your Tesla offer top AC and cooling features, specific problems tend to arise after a prolonged period of AC usage. Whether it’s an issue with the blower hose, or general ventilation issues, it can make your trip go south quickly. However, there’s nothing to fear when you have modern automotive solutions like Service My Car. You can get the best Tesla AC repair Dubai has to offer by simply requesting a quote. Avail a Tesla oil change in Dubai We’ve already covered it plenty of times here, but it never hurts to be repeatedly stated. Getting an engine oil change at the right time will immensely improve the performance of your Tesla. Sometimes, you don’t even need a complete Tesla Service in Dubai. For such occasions, you can’t go wrong with getting a Tesla oil change. With Service My Car, you can avail the most hassle-free Tesla oil change Dubai has to offer. You can either book a Tesla service package, or request a quote if you require specific oil for your Tesla. Get a Tesla transmission repair in Dubai Having a smooth ride is a priority for anyone. If your Tesla is a newer model, then you don’t really have to worry too much about that. However, if you’ve got a slightly older Tesla, you might need to inspect the transmission. Fortunately, we’ve got the best Tesla transmission repair in Dubai. Whether you want a Tesla gearbox overhaul or just Tesla transmission programming, we do it all. You can request a quote for your transmission repair at Service My Car. Find a reliable Tesla roadside assistance It’s best to stay on top of such issues, as you don’t want to be met by your Tesla not starting in the morning. Watch out for any electrical problems in your Tesla. Issues such as your headlights not working, or your cabin lights being dimmer than usual, are ones to watch out for. You also don’t want to be stranded on the road because of a flat tyre in Dubai. All in all, it’s best to have a reliable Tesla roadside assistance service for such cases. Whether you need flat tyre services, flat battery services, or a Tesla recovery in Dubai, we do it all. Get tyre replacements from the best Tesla tyre shop in Dubai with Service My Car. At Service My Car, we provide all battery-related services for your Tesla. Whether you have a flat battery in Dubai, or you want hassle-free Tesla battery replacement in Dubai, you get the best mechanics working with the supply from the best Tesla battery shops in Dubai. Routinely inspect your vehicle with Tesla scanning and diagnostics in Dubai Regardless of how experienced you are with your Tesla, there’s only so much your eye can perceive about the health of your Tesla. For a more intensive study, look no further than getting Tesla scanning and diagnostics in Dubai. Such intensive checks also help you when it comes to getting a Tesla pre-purchase inspection in Dubai. Service My Car uses state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technology to give you a thorough and well-detailed health report. You get the best Tesla scanning and diagnostics Dubai has to offer with us. Avail a Tesla engine repair in Dubai The engine is the heart of your Tesla. Sometimes, getting a Tesla engine repair in Dubai gives your car a new life. Whether you’re looking for Tesla engine tuning, Tesla engine detailing, or just a general Tesla engine diagnosis, we do it all. There are other instances where you may have to get a Tesla timing belt replacement. You can avail a Tesla timing belt replacement in Dubai with Service My Car. Get all your engine needs sorted with Service My Car. Request a quote now. Get a Tesla wheel alignment in Dubai Notice any vibrations while driving? Or any irregular steering? Chances are you probably require wheel alignment or tyre balancing for your Tesla. You can get both of them at Service My Car. Simply request a quote and fill in all necessary details to get a Tesla wheel alignment in Dubai with Service My Car. Take care of the cosmetics when it comes to your Tesla It’s not always that you’ll require a Tesla repair in Dubai. Especially in a region like Dubai, you must pay special attention to the appearance of your car. Not only will it give your Tesla some cosmetic appeal, it’ll also enhance its resale value in the long run. Our special cosmetics division at Service My Car will handle all such needs for your Tesla. You can avail a routine car wash in Dubai for your Tesla. With special attention towards COVID-19, we also offer car sanitization in Dubai for your Tesla. For better protection and a long-lasting shine, you can avail the best Tesla detailing in Dubai at Service My Car. Speaking of protection, it’s vital to have Tesla tinting in Dubai. You can enjoy premium 3M tinting services at Service My Car. If you find yourself dealing with the misfortune of an accident, you can get swift and easy Tesla scratch and dent repair in Dubai. Moreover, you can also deal with cracks on your windshield in no time thanks to our Tesla windshield replacement in Dubai. New or used, your Tesla is an investment. It deserves the love and care of experienced and qualified Tesla technicians. That’s precisely what you’ll find in our partner Tesla garage in Dubai. Booking a service or repair with Service My Car ensures your Tesla gets taken care of at the best Tesla workshop in Dubai. If you’re out of your agency contract and you’re looking for a Tesla service, leave it to us. We’ll ensure your Tesla gets top-notch maintenance at the finest Tesla service center in Dubai. Quality assurance and service guarantees are something you can’t get from automotive solutions like Go Mechanic Dubai. That’s where Service My Car comes in with a 12-month genuine parts and labor warranty with all services. Whether you’re looking for a Tesla service in Dubai, or you want to get a Tesla repair in Dubai, we do it all. Book a Tesla service package, or request a quote for a Tesla repair today on our website, or on the Service My Car Super App.
Successful Personality Traits to Learn from Elon Musk
This article mentions a handful of Elon Musk's successful personality traits that you can learn from & apply in your life Musk is the founder, CEO, and chief architect of SpaceX; co-founder, CEO, and product designer of Tesla Inc.; and co-founder and CEO of Neuralink. As of February 2018, he is the 53rd-richest person in the world and has a net worth of $20.8 billion, which is far more than the net GDP of Greece taken into consideration. While each entrepreneur possesses a unique set of traits that makes him/her successful, this Tech founder has a few traits much different from any other ordinary CEO, which has allowed him to build some of the world’s most respected and innovative organizations. Musk once quoted, “When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.” Let’s have a look at these personality attributes and characteristics that make him a contender for the most innovative intellectual entrepreneur of the century alive. Hard-work and Characteristic Work Ethics Elon Musk is a hard-working innovator, working for about 100 hours a week, and has been productive for many years. He may even be considered the hardest working employee of the company, setting standards for his colleagues to follow and implement. Since the field of work lies inside his radius of interests, he enjoys it every moment and bit when it comes to learning and execution. . . . . . Read More: