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Lee Min Ho has come back on the small screen a year after the conclusion of City Hunter, and in Faith he’s again stealing hearts with his serious and sad character. He was just a boy in Boys over Flowers, but he returned to his viewers as a man. Choi Young, his character, also requires him to put on splendid action scenes, effectively showing how well-rounded this actor is. He’s the actor who calls women to their TV sets and leads Faith on its way to success. Three years ago when he first received the offer to appear in Faith, however, Lee Min Ho turned it down, saying the character didn’t fit him. Why, then, did he decide to take up the offer in the end? A rep from Lee Min Ho’s agency Starhaus Enertainment told enews on August 28, “The synopsis and content had changed from when we first met with Faith three years ago. More than anything, Lee Min Ho fell for the piece after reading its script. We turned it down at first, but in the end we decided to take it up.” The story and content of Faith indeed changed a lot in the long time it remained in its preparation stages. Those changes were what brought the hallyu star Lee Min Ho to the drama. The rep emphasized, “He turned down many love calls and chose Faith due to his trust in the piece.” The trust came from the collaboration of scriptwriter Song Ji Na and director Kim Jong Hak, who produced Hourglass and The Legend. The choice turned out to be the right one. The drama started off with 9.4 percent viewership ratings (AGB Nielsen) on August 13, and has been grabbing attention from its viewers with every new episode for its interesting story and plot.
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