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The busy filming schedule for SBS’ Faith is seemingly beginning to take a toll on Lee Min Ho. On the August 29 broadcast of SBS’ Good Morning, the show paid a visit to the drama set of Faith. During the special, Lee Min Ho was seen at one point filming a scene in which his character is laying down and receiving treatment. However, during a brief time in between shooting, Lee Min Ho was seen immediately falling asleep and eventually had to be woken up by a staff member. When asked by the show if he was feeling tired, Lee Min Ho responded, “I want to sleep. Yesterday, because of another schedule I only had about two hours of sleep. I’m actually a person who sleeps quite a lot. I need usually 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night.”
like general choi ,, who loves to sleep,, so cute,, eben when tired =)
love everything about minho:')