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CN Blue release their new song at Mezamashi Live in Japan August 29, 2012 12:30 pm eternalc2h CN Blue performed at the Mezamashi Live in Japan. On August 28 at 12:30 p.m., CN Blue performed their new song, “Time Is Over,” live at the Mezamashi Live, which was held by Fuji TV. During the performance, Kang Min Hyuk especially attracted a lot of attention with his drumming. “Time Is Over” is composed and written by Jung Yong Hwa after getting inspired by the film The Avengers. CN Blue also performed “Come On,” their new Japanese single released on August 1; “Let’s Go Crazy” and “Voice” in which Jung’s powerful voice and Lee Jong Hyun’s gentle voice stood out; “One Time,” which is characterized by Lee Jung Shin’s attractive rapping, and “In My Head,” their debut single in Japan. CN Blue, currently popular in both Korea and Japan, will release their first Japanese album, Code Name Blue, on August 29. They’ll also go on a tour of Japan in October under the title of CN Blue Arena Tour 2012 ~ Come On!!!~. Source: TV Report
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