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What do you think about affection? How do you think we can express our affection to our lovers,parents, or friends? Sweet words,soft kisses, tight hugs? Ohh those things sound romantic and nice. Those are the common languages we speak when we show our affection and the person whom we addressed this way will feel our acts (of course if we do it sincerly)and they will love it. When I watch Indonesian drama or movie, American movie I can see that ways of affection shown vaguely. Especially, American movie I can see the way they show their affection are so romantic, romantic in their way. Romantic in their culture. In other word, they show it boldly when they kiss, when they hug, when they hold hands. It was Full House, the first Korean Drama that lead me to fall in love with another Korean Drama. Name it! Princess Hour, Personal Taste, Pasta, City Hunter, The Heirs....humm I love them so much!! I can spend hours watching them. And it's like I cannot wait to see to watch the next episodes and feel sad and losing when it comes to an end,the final episode. Yeah I know it's just a drama and sometimes the story is irrelevant with our daily life. But that's drama, that's movie. They sell dreams and why do we have to care about is already hard haha. Okay, having watched several Korean dramas, it comes to my mind that something is different. Something that tells me if the language of affection is differently shown here. Yep the language of affection of Korean drama is a bit different and unique. At least in my point of view. Yelling. Yes, yelling at each other or speaking loudly to your lover but then show a spoiled face (such as pouty mouth and being mumbling) is language number one when they show their affection. They can talk to their lover very nicely at the beginning and they can argue suddenly and with high pitch for something that actually doesn'matter much. But according to me it's just their way to show that they care about their partner and it works. Pulling hand. How many times this kind of scene appear in each episode. Pulling a girl's hand hardly,either taking her from the man's rival or someone bad or just pulling the girl in order to give the girl a hug! At first, I felt " rude the man is!! They can't just just pull a girl's hand like they pull a doll's hand". But the girl didn't mind. And again in my point of view it works to show how someone really cares about their hubby or want to protect her. Kissing. Kissing is a very common language for us to show that we really love someone. Kiss to our parents, our children, our husband or wife, even our friend. Cheek kiss to lips kiss. It's kind of shocking me when I watch western movie, in this case is American movie, when they do it passinately. I mean,oww they do it in front of the camera. Many people are watching them. On the other hand, Korean drama gives me another impression. I found it funny at first. They kissed. They really kissed in which they pressed their lips together with no further moves. A cold kiss I think. In fact, it didn't lessen the meaning of affection. And I got the feeling. That's the important thing. To conclude, affection is universal so does the language to acts it. The language of affection could be different accross countries and cultures. Soft, hard, hot, or cold the most important thing is we get the feeling when we as partners do it. And Korean drama has its unique way to show it. It's romantic in its way. It works!! Happy Watching!!
same love for k-drama also started with full house and became addiction with boys over flowers.
woowww really amazingg article my love for korean dramas started from boys over flowers nd i just recently watch full hous such a lovely beautiful show you r right i agree with korean shows have its own way of showing love affection nd passion nd it works we might laugh at it at first but we tend to have fallen 4 it 2 :-) love kdramas :-D thanks 4 sharing :-)
Full House is legend... :)
Yup,it's a complete show I think :)