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William Kankwamba has to leave school in Malawi because his parents couldn't afford the school fees (about $80 a year.) He continued to use the small library, and found a book about energy. Intrigued by the photos of windmills, he proceeded to build his own windmill out of scrap metal and spare parts from tractors. Many of the people in his village thought he was dealing in some sort of magic, but no one made fun of him when the windmill powered a single light bulb in his home. William has given a TED Talk on his engineering feat, and his hopes to create a company to bring electricity via wind energy to other villages in Malawi. Of course, my favorite highlight when book talking this book is that William was a school dropout, but he succeeded because he used the LIBRARY! Highly recommended for grades 7 and up. There is a picture book version of this book, too.
wow O_O so he built a functioning windmill at just a little younger than I am now?! that's incredible, I wish we learned about things like this in school.
This must be incredibly inspiring for kids who don't have the same access to resources that their school mates have at home. Where there's a library, there's a way!
Absolutely inspiring! I can't even imagine how he engineered a windmill, let alone one to generate electricity enough to power lights off of simple pictures. As @peppermintt said, where there's a library, there's surly a way.
@LibraryLady @peppermintt I will put his TED talk on my watch list. His life sounds like an incredible journey.
Thanks for sharing this @LibraryLady !
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