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Malala Yousafzai, the youngest nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize, tells her story about being shot by the Taliban when she continued to pursue her education. Her story should be shared widely, and this young readers' edition of her book is written in a way that will captivate middle school readers. The video clip from The Daily Show gives a brief introduction to her story and her engaging personality. Fighting for girls' and women's rights through dialogue and peaceful engagement is a great lesson to share. Appropriate for grades 6 and up.
OMG I've heard of her!!! I want to read her book so much, she's so amazing! bless Jon Stewart for shining a spot light on her, she really deserves it don't you think?
She is so brave for sharing her experiences. She will make a difference in this world.
She has such an incredible story. We have a lot to learn from girls like Malala.
She is such an inspiring human being.