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The Swiss are so organized! If you'd like to see Mt. Pilatus, they have an entire day organized from Zurich. We took an early train to Lucerne, then headed up the mountain on gondolas and an aerial tram. The view from the top was amazing. There was still snow and glaciers visible in mid-July. We rode back down the mountain on a cog train, then took a ship to Lucerne. Lunch at a Irish pub, where we watched Italian soccer with some orthodox Jews from Israel. And who said Switzerland is provincial! It was a long day trip, but such a beautiful day, it was well worth it, even with the slight altitude sickness.
What an incredible view!
And I didn't amp up the color, @kristenadams--it really was this green!
The green is so vibrant!
Isn't it beautiful, @caricakes? I almost forgot how breath-taking it was until I went through my photos.