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I wish I can understand Kankokugo... but no... :( just watched ep 12 and the last part is really a teaser... because I can't understand the dialogue I can't get any hint... tell me whose ring is it??? This drama reminds me of "How I met your mother?" it makes you think too much!!!! But I like the format... TVN is so unconventional when they make dramas...
Hahahaha I like Siwon's parents scenes with goat sould.lol
@bix2anca: hahaha :D you're right.... I was actually waiting for that sound every time a character do or say something stupid! LOL
guys,you have to admit that the best gadget of this movie is the...Goat sound....very well placed, at the right time, on the right moment....:D:D
May be that's why this drama is so appealing, it reflects the reality of how we were during High School years... @Lavieenrose: Shinhwa is back right? (I'm from another country so I didn't know the group until recently.)
@lavieenrose me meither.. but now that i think about it i did have shiwon and yoonjae..except from different schools.. but they didn't have a happy ending..let's say my shiwon could never become sure of her heart
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