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Watching this while I's kind of a cross between Romantic Princess and Prince and the Pauper....Well the acting is okay...and the people are ridiculous so its all good :) staring: Victoria of f(x), Calvin Chen of (Fahrenheit), Zhou Mi of (Super Junior) and that other guy who always ends up shafted I decided I need sleep, but here's recap part 1:
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@CatherineWYou,thanks for this. I'm so excited about it when I saw the trailer at the end of Sun YiZhou's drama and I have seen few of Calvin's dramas.
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I just finished watching this episode,when is the next due? I like it,feel like strangling that fake grand-daughter.
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@sarahphang5, Follow the suggested videos after the episode....They are showing 2 episodes everyday. :)
5 years ago·Reply
@CatherineWYou,thanks a lot :-)
5 years ago·Reply
2 eps a day? wish it were the same for RMPW haha
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