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Keep It On Your Mind Spread reminders around your house throughout the day so you are constantly thinking about heading out to the gym. Running shoes by the front door, protein powder on the counter, what ever works! Check In Often Recording your progress inspires you to workout more often and harder. Pick an app or system that works for you to record your workouts and log your gym time! Fine Yourself Charge yourself X amount of dollars for not going to the gym, or some other small punishment to remind you that you really should have gone to the gym. Partner Up Get a workout buddy! Having someone else holding you accountable will get you motivated to go to the gym and perform. Make sure your partner isnt a total flake or this tip is sort of useless haha Think Smaller Don't make completely unrealistic goals for yourself. Make small goals that are reasonably attainable so that when you reach it you can celebrate.
I'll try not to think too small....I'm likely to think small enough that I won't do anything.
My gym buddies are the best!!
@nokcha thats so smart haha
Shoes by the door is such a good reminder. Honestly, I sleep in my workout clothes to get me to the gym in the morning lol