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Wow, the theme song is catchy - it's my ring tone now :) So Ep 2 starts off with a continuation of Grampa and TX discussion the existance of her twin sister. In an extended version of the flash back we see that TX and XY met when the younger. Their aunt ( who had taken XY away) was frantically looking for XY because she was afraid they might meet each other. Apparently, Grampa and YF have been actively looking for XY for 3 years now. The reason is because GM Jin is trying to push their company to "go public" ( this mean s stock and more shareholders which means its easier for people -GM Jin- to get a majority; Thing Bat Man Beginings) Now back to XY and her Grandma. Seems like XY is finished scarfing down her lunch ( we don't see it, but we can assume she's the complete opposite of a lady). and now she's trying to make sense of this plan, which really seems to be confusing for her( this is how innocent/simple minded XY is ). She's not sure how her mother could be her aunt. They've never actually heard of someone's who's allergic to sunlight - only people with night blindness.('s a pun that's better in chinese). YF abruptly announces that " it's time to go Ting Yu ( her birth name) and XY strings up in opposition " I'm not TingYu, im XiaoYu!). After thinking on things, TX realizes the reoccuring dreams she's been having were a memory. She seems completely calm about the matter , even when grampa announces they will be arrive at the house shortly. alone in the office, GM Jin is brooding/plotting over a picture of the TX and XY's Parent- each holding a baby, he then orders his secretary to research TX's birth. JinWei ( our favorite underachieving, Rich, playboy of the show) is vegging out on the couch with his sister doing yoga when daddy dearest returns home to scold him for doing nothing all day. This is your standard father and Son opposition. Later, GM Jin's right hand man ( missed his name....) calls JW to check on TX's personal information. JW scoffs, "so not only are you trying to get 'in" with my dad, you're after the miss, too?" While he's fishing for details, we find out JW's been out at bording schools since first grade - so he's never at home. You can tell these two have a long history of bantering and friendship. (I predict bromance related cutness in the future ;) ) XY, YF and company have finally arrived on the estate. After waking up, XY notices a small picket fenced garden featuring a horse ( tied to a tree), litters of white bunnies and HUGE cage of doves. Granny and YF have a quite discussion while XY is being cute and cuddling the bunnies; turns out he and his mother live in a house on the estate ( just behind the gardens) Of course YF spoils the mood by insisting they leave for the mansion. TX and Grampa have been eagerly waiting for their arrival; and the twins are very eager to meet with each other. Once they meet each other there is a moment of "mirrored scenes which features the craddling of faces and "jieJie/MeiMei's" . TX is very polite in greeting "granny ", after XY introduces her as " the person who cares the most for me!" Then we find XY sprawled over the white baby grand in the living room - she's wooing and petting it ( much to TX and YF's amusement). Grampa's worried XY might have lots of questions, to which XY replies -no! but Grandma's got some requests. She wants to make sure that XY stays with people who will care for her - not use her for their own purposes. Here, XY stands up for her new family, she loves it here - even though it is more space than she's used to. "it's like biting into a steamed bun and finding Beef inside!" everyone has a laugh at the analogy, and YF breaks in by saying; From now on we want you to assume your sister's place during the daytime, so: 1. quickly get used to your new surroundings 2. you only have a few days to learn and become familiar with your sister's habits and personality 3. Memorize the faces and names of people you will meet 4. you can't show up at the same time as your sister. 5. I am your sister's fiance, so you can't be rude to me in public. 6. you....... Then it dawns on XY, ***"Wait! what!?! did you say? ..... big sister, you want to marry this poker face!?!.....sorry, I think I'm better off as XY**** After YF tries threatening her into cooperation ( with the "chloroform bottle" and TY's soft convincing; it is grampa's offer of dinner that makes XY stay and consider their offer. Next we see JinWei sneak into the living room to spot his sister eating pizza. Which must be a rare event because she have one piece in each hand :). Turns out TX ( or Princess XuenXuen ;) ) sent over the pizza - this new turn of events have JW really excited. He doesn't like YF (he's the living dead!) and he's a better prince charming anyway! the siblings are having a nice heart to heart about TX's love life when JW hears GM Jin coming down the stairs. In a belated attempt at retreat, JW gets caught by his father and they have a ( I assume reoccurring) Shout match about JW's contribution to the office. After Dad stomps off, JW's sister sneaks up behind him (yes she's that adorable!) and comment " you know, I think going to the office might kill you of bordom...i recommend you start wooing the Princess - cause then dad might have a chang of heart! and you can keep live out your mindless days :). JW's not a fan of the idea, but I think the seeds are planted for some romantic awesomness. Back at the dinner table, XY has decided to leave after dinner. But then TY offers to leave with XY, they both agree to stay together ( TX offers to leave the house, and XY offers to stay because "big sister can't absorb sunlight") Then they start comparing notes about eachother - that have matching scars on their arms and know all of each other's weird habbits. this convinces Granny and XY to stay. Next we see YF plug in and alter a text document (I can't read chinese...but the dramatic music tells me it has something to do with corporate espionage) He emails the document and throws out the flash drive. ( Oo! mystery!) Cut to XY rolling around on her sister's bed. Girl talk turns into a discussion about her skin disease ( which may get worse or turn into skin cancer ). And the sharing of the family album, XY's mom had custody of her, but started to run away after the Twins' parents died for fear that XY would be taken away. As the household settles down for the evening, YF and TX have a heart to heart. She's glad that XY is here, because she's healthy and happy and so has so much one will tell her that she doesn't have much longer to live....YF obviously cares for her, but he's still a lot more emotionally removed than most fiances would be. Cut to closing credit :) I can't wait to see more cute scenes between the Jin siblings :) but I know that the Love 'triangle' (which is really a sqare) is going to be heart wrenching.......
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I saw that Vingle created a party for this drama for you. Vingle must be watching over us XD
i take back my words from last ep recap..the sisters are really sweet.. the first ep gave me an impression that TX is cold but seems she just is too sad and lonely.. thanks for the recap CatherineWYou
thanks! ( alt + print sc ) it keep the same image quality as the screen/media chip limitation....
just saw the screenshots. did you make them? very good quality!
@sapphire148 the song is "love, needs you to fulfill it" by Wei Chen
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