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1. Thanks To my youtube supplier ( yes I'm an addict ) I don't want to get her in trouble! but you can go to my youtube channel to surf my subscriptions! 2. There's like 2 episodes each day! so I'm going to squish down the Recaps to "as I watch them segments" which means I will probably be skipping past the corporate meetings ( no worries Fairytale followers - I'll sit through those meetings for you ) And we're off! We open in the courtyard of a hospital, with a wheel chair bound man sketching a little girl. --flash to a card that's been turned over " get the boy out of the car first!' says the father's voice. "go get the marble, Yu jia (rain)" says a mothers voice, while a boy climbs out of the car ( we can see gas trickling from the car...) then --the man in the wheel chair looses the hold on the charcol and the nurses rush in -- The boy catches the marble, and the car explodes and the fire is caught in the marble. The marble continues to carry us into the next scene, the little girl and boy meet at the orphanage and he lets her make a wish on his magic marble. All she wants is her mom and dad ( now both dead) to come take her home; Rain replies don't worry, I will always protect you and proposes with a plastic flower ring. voice over:" that long ago summer in a far away place , I met a boy. We both had lost everything, but he took me on a journey to find heaven. even though the road was lost, we were not afraid...". Suddenly the two children are forcefully seperated... and the voice continues...." I will never forget the boy, that place.... ( those memories are a source of strength for her now) Flash to now : News anchor announces Yuan Shi Corp ( one of the largest companies in all of Taiwan, Shanghai, Singapore) is looking for the long lost granddaughter of their CEO. We see our leading lady running though a corporate office making the equivilent of Fedex delivaries ( she's really happy go luck and glass half full :) The driver of the duo is in love with the "3 musketeers" ( their short name is Wind,Rain,Forest) of Yuan Shi Corp. She sighs dramatically and announces "I want to be the long lost granddaughter- just so I can meet my Idols! "(...LOL sounds like some fan girls we knowt? ) And their next stop just happens to be at the grand opening of WRF's new art exhibition. the center piece is "Garbage" ( they use the common Mainland term for garbage, which is also the crudest way to call junk in public) Our two favorite delivery girls are charged with bringing in the congratulations flowers, then sneak in to see the exhibit ( and snag some autographs ). Unfortunately, WRF are rude and refuse to sign the booklet. Forest signed the booklet, but Wind claims this is an exhibit not a fan meeting ( do they hold those for corporate celebs? ). so he's only open to discussing people's reactions to their work. WELL!, this makes our leading lady (Yah Ying aka Ducky) very upset. She pulls out a legit response to there work " your work seems too colorful for the style you are trying to seams like an unfinished lacks conviction" then storms out while WRF are left gaping. Yup, our Little Ducky is a legit BAMF! In an office meeting at Yuan Shi Corp, everyone is complaining about the impossiblity of finding the CEO's granddaughter. Here we see Grandpa is a stickler for making what he want a reality. His nickname ranges from "Emperor-Father" to "Dictator" and everyone is afraid of him, but not Rain... and what's more, the CEO listens to Rain. WRF are hanging out and discussing "that girl" from earlier when Wind and Forest both get calls "it must be your Mom" "It must be your dad" they say simultaniously ( lol) then they both answer "Hello?" Turns out Wind's mom wants him to be more interested in finance and business,but he has chosen design. She wants him to be more active in the search for The Granddaughter ( marriage on Mother's mind? I think so ) and to stop hanging out with his life competetors. It's pretty obvious this conversation is a commonly repeated one... Next is poor Forest, his dad is reaming him about sticking too close to his competeors and not make a life for himself. Forest's only reply: " what would they be able to compete with me for?" Run down Forest is the Fun and Confident one Wind is the moody but loyal one Rain is the Quiet, Mysterious one
an overachiever VIngler it is!
@soula81 Aw... thanks, but really I'm just your standard asian overachiever :) found a party for this drama among the new parties
wow doing recaps for 2 dramas at the same time?!?! you're super vingler!
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