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yesterday i couldn't find a vingle recap on ep , so i referred and here it goes!! omg..omg..its eun ho's mother.. she's evil.. and the poor chap is going all around the countryplace wailing "mother mother".. and the man arang supposes loves her, actually killed her.. how many girls did he kill? how can someone be so heartless?? this show is really getting better and more mysterious in each episode.. arang died an unfair death.. i hope she gets her life back!
oh did the emperor changed to a new hairstyle??
that i guess is his thinking hairstyle.. but he is the cutest god!!
agreed! he's the most handsome jade emperor!
omg, handsome old man^^ i like all of his characters including this new drama..
hmmm just started watching this recently. i like the previous hairstyle hehe