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Ishihara Satomi and Sato Takeru
Ishihara with Sato in Shakespeare's "Romeo & Juliet".
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@sarahphang5, why, did i tell u 1 of my nicknames among friends is "the resource guide" haha. i think i did say something like that before XD. Btw, I didn't know you know Chinese!?! it would be awesome if you could help us translate the written preview for RMPW! no pressure though :D. @elisaalcaide14 , aha thank you for following me~ I also want to go back to visit and go on a foodie trip someday!
@soula81,only conversational Chinese,not written. My parents decided to divide the kids,to English and Chinese schools so the ones from English school understand Chinese when conversing and the others from Chinese school vice versa but we all know Bahasa Malaysia. I started learning English when 5years old then. I heard Vietnam is an interesting place,some in my family went there recently..yea,they like the food @elisaalcaide14,where in the world are you now? Isn't it fun,with just a click,we are all together though worlds apart :-)
@soula,I just realised that CatherineWYou doesn't read Chinese but she does recaps,that's cool! I don't think I'm as good as her because though Chinese is spoken at home here,English dominates. Hope I can do it one day when time permits. Thanks for the suggestion,will keep in mind. I'm hoping to have more time enjoying but my work has to be done,I'm making clothes non-stop everyday.
@sarahphang5: i'm floating around... hehehe... i'm from the beautiful island of...PHILIPPINES :) yes technology is pretty amazing! :) Yes, you should see halong bay and stay overnight in a junk (boat), super fun! :)