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This isn't the happiest moment of our trip, as I took it as we were leaving our hotel on a private boat after our week in Venice. We expected a tourist trap, and the Piazza San Marco did resemble Times Square during the day. The key was staying right on the Grand Canal, and hitting the Piazza after all those enormous cruise ships had left. We spent most of our time walking down small streets and through the squares, stopping for gelato often. We had wonderful meals, loved cruising around on the vaporetti to cool off, and basically fell in love with the city. It's definitely a place I want to visit again!
This was at dawn, @kristenadams. We were there in July, @pixiedust. And we really only had one uncomfortably hot day. @timeturnerjones, go! I think it might have been unpleasant if we went during their rainy season, but we loved it!
Sounds so lovely! I have always wanted to go to Venice but worry about the tourist crowds being over bearing! Good to hear that they're avoidable, with some practice :) @spudsomma
This is gorgeous! What time of year were you there? The weather looks heavenly!
I love the color of the sky! Was this near dawn or dusk?