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Jakarta set for month-long Salihara Festival
Colorful, fresh selections of curated art performances are to entertain art aficionados at the Salihara Complex at Jl. Salihara 16, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta, for one month from Sept. 13 to Oct. 22. With the tagline “Di Seni Senang” (Happy Go Artsy), the fifth Salihara Festival held by the Salihara Theater will showcase 11 main performances consisting of dance, music and theater by artists from Indonesia, the Netherlands, Australia, Germany, Austria, France, Georgia and the Czech Republic. In a press conference preceding the festival, its program director, Nirwan Dewanto, highlighted that the theme was chosen to emphasize its long list of bright, colorful performances. The festival will open on Sept. 13 with a music performance titled “Magical Mystery Tour” performed by the Animé String Orchestra with Haryo “Yose” Soejoto as the conductor. Interestingly, despite performing classical songs, the music ensemble will also play a list of rearranged classical rock legendary songs from The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Emerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP), using acoustic string instruments. An accordion duo recital TOEAC, from the Netherlands, will also be an attractive show to attend at the festival. Other than classical and romantic music, the duo will also perform 20th century music such as tango. Using two accordions, they will play compositions by composers such as M.P. Mussorgsky, Igor Stravinsky and Ástor Piazzolla. A puppet performance from Yogyakarta-based puppet theater Papermoon is set to be one of the festival's highlights. Using puppets as the media of expression, Papermoon will tell a story of “Surat Ke Langit” (A Letter to the Sky) directed by its co-founder Maria Tri Sulistyani. The story evolves around Puno, a cheerful man loved by many, whose sudden disappearance leaves Tala on a journey to find Puno once again. Coming from the small city of Surakarta, a contemporary dancer and choreographer Danang Pamungkas will perform “A Part of Passion”, a lively dance choreography that shows the importance of patience and fortitude in dealing with life's problems. The dance will use minimal properties, with the dancers wearing normal daily clothes. All the way from Australia, a dance choreography titled “Be Your Self”, which basically questions the human body and the meaning of being human, will be performed by the Australian Dance Theater during the festival. Choreographed and directed by Garry Stewart, the performance fuses a wide array of narratives from Buddhism philosophy, feminism discourse to medical text. The dancers' movements will be dynamic, highly athletic and sophisticated at the same time. Aside from the main performances, fringe shows such as music and stand-up comedy performances will also enliven the festival. Indie music performances from local non-mainstream bands and musicians such as SORE, Endah N Rhesa, Jirapah and Gribs can be enjoyed every weekend. While hilarious performances from notable local stand-up comics like Awwe, Adriano Qalbi and Boris Bokir will cheer up your day with their fresh and critical comedy. For more information about this festival, you can visit the organizer's official website at
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